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Gastroparesis Natural Treatment – - Anyone with gastroparesis knows it's a terrible disease that impacts the quality of your life. Let me tell you now, there ARE natural treatments for gastroparesis.

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  • christie - for sure worth a try if its a slow leak or a small hole

    my intex pool was leeaking slow but constant and i could not find the hole in it anywhere after spending probably what added up to hours looking for it i wasnt sure if this stuff would work but it did work very well and its super easy

  • evie Porter - Swarovski 2013 Annual Edition Crystal Star Ornament

    I have collected the Swarovski "Annual Edition Star Ornaments", since I was given one as a Christmas present in 1998. They are beautiful, as are all Swarovski crystal products. The designs and quality are always a wonderful addition to my collection. Now my granddaughter, age 9, has also become a collector. I highly recommend any Swarovski products. They are beautiful and gain in value every year, although I would never sell my collection. They will be lovingly handed down to my family.

  • Ann Stetson - Needs to be iPad friendly

    Until this is either an app, or Kindleized, I can not give it more than one star. I'd love to be able to, as it's obviously of great value, but I need to be able to read it on the train during my commute.

  • J. Sattler - As complex, sharp and, ultimately, generous as Bill Clinton himself

    The book, like Bill Clinton's post-presidency, begins with what one of the greatest hangovers of all time. After leaving office with the highest approval ratings ever recorded, the ex-president sits down for breakfast. He's stripped of power, his attendants and much of his reputation, thanks to a flurry of scandals involving pardons to donors. What follows is a man reborn by philanthropy yet unable to evade the often manufactured shadows of doubt that haunt even his greatest successes. He forged a revolutionary new approach to charity that has literally saved millions of lives, shaped by his superhuman ability to make allies, solve problems and blur lines between influence and aspiration. Conason finds both the data to document the remarkable successes the foundation Clinton created and the nuance to give you a fully realized portrait of a man who has endeavored, despite all his flaws, to change the world.

  • Johnny 5-String - Awesome product!

    I done needed to get me some bugs kilt! and this stuff right here did a very good job of killing them and keeping them away. I mixed mine 1 concentrate to 1 gallon of water instead of the 1:2 ratio Bayer recommended. and like I said, it worked very well :)

  • sochimickey - This seems to be working. I lost weight and ...

    This seems to be working. I lost weight and my butt with it. After taking these, I've noticed that the overall size and roundness has increased without really exercising. They seem to help my body store fat on my back side first instead of going straight to my stomach area. No negative reactions or side effects so far.

  • Anonymous - It is a really good product. Don't expect immediate results

    It is a really good product. Don't expect immediate results, as for almost all fading cream products take a few days for scars to brighten. Just keep the area clean and use this cream twice or three times a day and the scar should brighten after each week of using it. I've been using it for my forehead acne scars for two months and now I can barely see them!