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OTC Pain Relief Dosing & Safety Considerations | Get Relief Responsibly® - Find information on acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen sodium and aspirin including adults’ and children’s acetaminophen dosages, safety, news and resources.

  • https://www.getreliefresponsiblyprofessional.com/nsaids-acetaminophen-safety-considerations OTC Analgesia Safety Considerations | Get Relief Responsibly® - Learn information on key safety considerations and side effects when recommending OTC pain relievers like acetaminophen and NSAIDs to your patients.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsiblyprofessional.com/nsaids-acetaminophen-dosing OTC Pain Relief Dosing Information | Get Relief Responsibly® - Find acetaminophen and NSAIDs dosing charts for both adults and children, as well as helpful directions, ingredient insights and other supporting materials to help your patients’ dose safely.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsiblyprofessional.com/professional-tools OTC Analgesia Professional Tools | Get Relief Responsibly® - Find educational videos and downloadable materials to support the recommendations you may make to your patients about acetaminophen and NSAID treatment.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsiblyprofessional.com/clinical-resources-side-effects/ibuprofen-aspirin-heart-therapy Ibuprofen Aspirin Heart Therapy | Get Relief Responsibly® - Learn about how ibuprofen can actually compete with aspirin to compromise its heart therapy benefits.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsiblyprofessional.com/clinical-resources-side-effects/nsaids-side-effects-cox-1-inhibitor-drugs COX-1 Inhibitor Drugs | Get Relief Responsibly® - Learn about a side effect of NSAIDs that may lead to diminishing COX-1 enzyme protection of the stomach, potentially leading to ulcers and bleeding.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsiblyprofessional.com/clinical-resources-side-effects/nsaids-kidney NSAIDs and Kidney Side Effects | Get Relief Responsibly® - Learn about a side effect of NSAIDs that may further compromise renal function in kidneys with existing dysfunction.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsiblyprofessional.com/clinical-resources-side-effects/how-does-acetaminophen-work-liver-side-effects Acetaminophen & Liver Side Effects | Get Relief Responsibly® - Learn about how acetaminophen works, specifically how it is metabolized in the liver, with this helpful video illustrating the need for proper dosing.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsiblyprofessional.com/clinical-resources-side-effects/osteoarthritis-pain-management-webcast-series OA Analgesia Webcast Series | Get Relief Responsibly® - Get perspectives from physician Christopher M. Chappel, MD and rheumatologist Andrew J. Sulich, MD, on the considerations of OTC analgesia pain management.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsiblyprofessional.com/otc-analgesia-patient-counseling OTC Analgesia Patient Counseling | Get Relief Responsibly® - See how to identify the common inadvertent misuses of OTC pain relievers, and how to help educate your patients with these helpful resources.
  • https://www.getreliefresponsiblyprofessional.com/nsaids-acetaminophen-dosage-comparison OTC Dosage & Comparison Education | Get Relief Responsibly® - Find helpful supportive materials to provide patients on how to choose, use, and dose OTC pain relievers like NSAIDs and acetaminophen appropriately.

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