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Global Asthma Network - The Global Asthma Network aims to improve asthma care globally through enhanced surveillance, standardised care, research collaboration, capacity building, engagement with policy-makers and access to quality-assured essential medicines.

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  • Bob N. - Versatile and feature packed.

    A very good product - both transmits and receives plus has optical connectors. Range seems to be pretty good, and always connects quickly to my bluetooth transmitter. Note that you need to power the unit via a usb type connector and if power is removed it will forget pairings.

  • Justin Garrett - Great beginner machine, not for picky or professional baristas

    I am not a professional by any means, but I was a barista at a successful "mom n pop" coffee shop for a year, so I know how to pull a good shot and properly steam milk. I like good coffee, but I'm not a stickler. I wanted to be able to make my own espresso for americanos and the occasional latte at home. I did my research and decided on this machine because it's under 100 bucks which is what I was looking for. I also was looking at the Hamilton beach one that's under 100, and the delonghi. I know that's a better brand but this machine was a little cheaper and had similar reviews. This one is very user friendly, you definitely don't have to have barista experience to get a shot from it. Extreme coffee people might say it doesn't pull a "real" shot because it doesn't require espresso fine ground coffee (real espresso grounds should be as fine as powdered sugar and fit between the lines of your fingerprint) you can actually use it with regular ground coffee for a drip machine, although I use a burr grinder and have it set somewhere in between the two. You don't need to buy a different tamper; the one it comes with is definitely the worst tamper I've ever seen, but with this machine you really don't need a heavy tamper to pack it down hard, because it doesn't make pucks. Even after a decent shot, the leftover grounds come out as sludge instead of a puck, but it seems that's just how this machine works. It's definitely not coffee shop quality but if you want to be able to make coffee that is more than just black brew from a drip machine, then this gets the job done. I like it a lot, it's not for you if you're going to be picky about a syrupy vs runny shot, or how many seconds it takes, but if you just want some espresso with a good layer of yummy crema from your own home for well less than a hundred bucks then this is for you. I can't speak for how long it lasts because I've only had it for less than a month but I've used it multiple times every day and it's working great.

  • Jade D - Got rid of "basement" smell in a downstairs basement in a day.

    Worked great! A downstairs bedroom was starting to smell like a basement a bit and is the farthest room from the big dehumidifier we have down there. I put this in the room and the next day it smelled better. I could not believe the difference in a day and I will buy another when that one needs replacing. The carpet felt somewhat damp and the difference was amazing.

  • Desiree - I love it! And the packaging is beautiful

    I received this product for reviewing purposes. I've never used a cleansing toner again after my original experience. However, Quinn's may have just changed my opinion on that!

  • Lina Marcela Rojas - It's a good product, I like that you can add as ...

    It's a good product, I like that you can add as much as you like, so it's really up to you to control how sweet you want it, compared to how sweet the already mixed ones are. They kind of go quick though.

  • camper - First Response? More like No Response

    I took a First Response test on Thursday, definitely negative. Took another on Saturday, definitely negative. Took a Clear Blue Weeks Estimator test on Monday, positive and estimating I've been pregnant for 2-3 weeks. Went to the doctor on Wednesday, I've been pregnant for almost 3 weeks. There's no way First Response gave an accurate result, I don't recommend it.

  • Dporte - Preventive

    Won't prevent them all but will sure help you lower the risks of ticks and fleas attacking your dog. It's a good method.