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GG Strains | Home of Gorilla Glue # 4 | Medical Marijuana - GG Strains LLC home of award winning Gorilla Glue # 4, medical cannabis &  recreational marijuana. 4x High Times Cup Winner and Much More....

  • http://www.gorillaglue4.com/about-ggstrains/ About GG Strains aka Gorilla Glue #4, #5 & #1 | GG4 - Official home of Gorilla Glue #4 by GG Strains, GG#4,  Our goal is to ensure all consumers & medical cannabis/marijuana card holders receive the same GG Strain (AKA Gorilla Glue) product each and every time they go to purchase; whether it be GG #4, #1, #5 or any other new GG release. 
  • http://www.gorillaglue4.com/q-a/ FAQ | GG Strains | Gorilla Glue #4 - How did the name Gorilla Glue (gg strains) come about? Response: The name Gorilla Glue came from Joesy while he was trimming. When trimming GG #4, your hands get very sticky… He received a call, and when he answered, the phone stuck to his hand. Joesy told the person on the other end that the plant made his stick together or things like Gorilla Glue.
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  • http://www.gorillaglue4.com/new-york-states-medical-marijuana-program/ New York State's Medical Marijuana Program  - With the much awaited launch of New York State's Medical Marijuana Program this Thursday, which according to the law, could have been launched as early as Tuesday, January 5th.

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    I was super excited ordering and receiving this product because I use up A LOT of plastic water bottles from the store. I wanted to waste less and decided to search up some tumblers. I felt this was the best decision from the ones I saw on amazon. This is priced well and comes with 2 Lids and 1 straw.

  • God chaser - Great informational book

    There is so much information in this book about your body and your health. How just being short of a mineral can cause a disease. We need to be on our toes and take the minerals and vitamins to stay healthy so we can take away all the money these doctors and drug companies get out of us. They are getting rich by giving out all these drugs that have so many side effects.