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Grandparenting Essentials and the Reason for this Site - Welcome to Grandparenting Essentials! If you have selected this site, let me wish you congratulations!

  • http://www.grandparenting-essentials.com/Ready-to-be-Grandparents.html Ready to be Grandparents - Are you ready to be Grandparents? was the question my daughter lovingly asked.
  • http://www.grandparenting-essentials.com/NICU-Nurses.html NICU Nurses - NICU Nurses are very special; we love them and feel that they should be recognized for their talent!
  • http://www.grandparenting-essentials.com/Grandparents-need-to-know.html Grandparents Need to Know - Grandparents need to know various techniques when babysitting your grandchildren.
  • http://www.grandparenting-essentials.com/A-Grandparents-Perspective.html A Grandparents Perspective - A Grandparents perspective lists a few of the medical issues and treatment therapies that my grandsons have experienced.
  • http://www.grandparenting-essentials.com/Preparing-your-Home.html Preparing Your Home - Preparing your home to babysit your grandchildren can be overwhelming! So let's get started...
  • http://www.grandparenting-essentials.com/Favorite-Toy-Purchases.html Favorite Toy Purchases - Favorite toy purchases recommended by grandparents and considered to be fun, creative and exciting for our grandchildren will be listed in this section.
  • http://www.grandparenting-essentials.com/Grandparents-and-Helping-Hands.html Grandparents and Helping Hands - Grandparents and Helping Hands are essential when babysitting twins and Grandpa's are the best!
  • http://www.grandparenting-essentials.com/Couples-Baby-Shower.html Couples Baby Shower - A Couples Baby Shower has changed in recent years. Often the men attend the showers too. See suggestions for this new trend.
  • http://www.grandparenting-essentials.com/Grandparenting-Roles.html Grandparenting Roles - Grandparenting Roles make you realize that you are doing it not only for your children, but...
  • http://www.grandparenting-essentials.com/Long-Distance-Grandparents.html Long-Distance Grandparents - Long-Distance Grandparents should always be involved when planning celebrations for the birth of your Grandchild!
  • http://www.grandparenting-essentials.com/Joy-in-Grandparents-heart.html Joy In Grandparents Heart - Joy in Grandparents heart, is the way I felt during our July 4th festivities yesterday with family and friends all visiting and having fun!
  • http://www.grandparenting-essentials.com/Grandparents-Taking-infant-photos.html Grandparents Taking Infant Photos - Grandparents taking infant photos is so important when capturing the memories of the first year of life!
  • http://www.grandparenting-essentials.com/Grandparents-Sharing-Family-History.html Grandparents Sharing Family History - Grandparents sharing Family History should be a unique and interesting time in your grandchildren's life!
  • http://www.grandparenting-essentials.com/What-Is-Your-Name.html What Is Your Name - What is your name? No, I'm not talking about the song, I'm talking about what your grandkids will call you.
  • http://www.grandparenting-essentials.com/Best-Secret-Grandparenting-Classes.html Best Secret Grandparenting Classes - Best Secret Grandparenting Classes! If the hospital where your grandchild will be born provides these classes, make it a priority to attend grandparenting classes.
  • http://www.grandparenting-essentials.com/NICU-Baby.html NICU Baby - NICU Baby? Lessons on what to do and how to do it for your grandchild are taught by the nursing staff.
  • http://www.grandparenting-essentials.com/Child-Developmental-Milestones.html Child Developmental Milestones - Child developmental milestones and delay recognition in your grandchildren is a measure of a child's progress by monitoring how they play, learn, speak and act.

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  • Stephanie - Doesn't live up to the name... Even with diet and exercise.

    This product I fully went through with and I bought at a store near me but I love Amazon and wanted to do a review on it. I never give negative feedback to a product but this is something I would not waste the money on. I know every body is different and genetically. I have taking both bottles and I work out over an hour 5-6 days a week and get in at least 10,000 steps a day (mostly around 25-30 miles a week plus cardio) and eat a low fat diet. I have not lost one pound but actually gained 8 lbs taking this product. It never gave me energy and no effects from the product even phased me. Up to you for the risk but this is my experience. I'm a Lipo-6 fan but now I want to try the hydroxycut black and see if it lives to the name?

  • Angileena Kirkbride - Worth the price love the feel

    I love this product., I really like the way this feels when I'm applying it. It has such a smooth silky feel it goes on so easy and blends instantly to your skin. It is one of those products that really surprises you, it has a great ability to blend into your skin with such ease and not look cakey or heavy. I don't feel like I'm wearing a base makeup. I don't look like I'm wearing a base product and I love that it has spf built in. Really you will love this product. It really is worth the cost and a little goes a long way. I found this becuase I got a sample by accident and thank God I did otherwise I wouldn't have discovered this product. After trying the sample I searched it out and found the best price on Amazon.

  • Pete - Good reception!

    I love the reception on this bluetooth headset. It's very clear. I can hear others perfectly and they can hear me equally as well. The negatives are that the back of the ear hook is so big that I can't wear any glasses or sunglasses with it. That is a huge negative for me. I've decided to keep it but will never purchase another headset that is so big/bulky again. I have small ear lobes which may play a factor into the fit for me. If you have small ear lobes and wear glasses then I would suggest you look elsewhere but if that is not a problem then I would recommend the Plantronics Voyager Legend. It's crisp and clear with 7 hours of talk time.