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  • woman in texas - Love the CD and Q Willmaker Plus 2013

    My New Year's resolution was to get my finances in order and to finally do what Suze Orman always suggests (create a living revocable trust). To my knowledge, Suze's Portfolio kit is online only. Q Willmaker comes with a CD that you should update online and lets me do the power of attorney for finances, will, etc. It comes with a book about why you need to do wills, etc and since I got the more expensive version from the maker, Nolo, it also came with access to Nolo's living trust maker (online only, but it's "free"). I'm smart, but it was so nice to have a CD that explained things to me. I created my power of attorney and living revocable trust in less than 1 day. When my will paper arrives, I'll print them and take them to a notary. So happy because it's February and I've completed my resolution. As a middle-class disabled woman, it's nice to know that my family won't have to go through probate and I didn't have to waste lots of time and money to get a lawyer to do this for me. But, I do plan to have a lawyer look over it.

  • Sigi - cartilage pain

    This product arrived fairly quickly. The shipping charge billed was much less than originally stated, which was around $20.00. My husband started to see an improvement in his shoulder pain after 7 or 9 days. He no longer has any shoulder pain. It also gave Supple to my mother for her back pain but Supple did not help at all. It will work if you have an issue with Cartilage.