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HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley - HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley is an integrated health care system committed to providing quality and compassionate medical care for our our community.

  • http://www.hahv.org/find-care/services/ Services - HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley - Information about all of the services, programs and treatment options provided by HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley.
  • http://www.hahv.org/find-care/locations/ Locations - HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley - For address, telephone number and visitor information for each HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley entity.
  • http://www.hahv.org/find-care/medical-alert-service/ HealthAlliance Medical Alert Service - HealthAlliance Medical Alert is a personal response service that provides quick access to emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • http://www.hahv.org/patient-portal/ HealthAlliance Patient Portal - HealthAlliance's Patient Portal provides access to portions of your medical records from your hospital visits online! It’s safe, secure, reliable, and free!
  • http://www.hahv.org/contact-us/ Contact Us - HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley - Contact Margaretville Hospital, Mountainside Residential Care Center, and HealthAlliance Hospitals: Broadway Campus and Mary's Ave. Campus in Kingston, NY
  • http://www.hahv.org/find-care/ Find Care - HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley - Find all of the HealthAlliance healthcare resources you need. If you have a medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department.
  • http://www.hahv.org/find-care/find-a-doctor/ Find a Doctor - HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley - Search all doctors at HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley by specialty, name or location to the find the one that is best for you.
  • http://www.hahv.org/find-care/emergency-care/ Emergency Care - HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley - Details about our emergency care services, including Emergency Department locations, Fast Track services and Stroke Center.
  • http://www.hahv.org/find-care/healthalliance-physician-network-hapn/ HealthAlliance Physician Network - HealthAlliance Physician Network, enhancing the patient experience by delivering exceptional and affordable clinical care across the continuum. READ MORE...
  • http://www.hahv.org/self-care/videos/ Videos - HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley - HealthAlliance's complete library of online videos including seminars, lectures, HealthAlliance & You, advertising, press clippings and more.

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    This study guide is really well written. It is divided into easy to read sections for each part of the HESI exam. The math portion is explained in easy to follow instructions, and starts with easy math addition and subtraction to the more difficult algebra. It even gives plenty of examples in order to completely understand the problems. The science part reads really well, and is once again organized from easy to more difficult. The vocabulary section is very thorough. The English section is very comprehensive, and very simple to follow. I have struggled with English in school all my life and am finally able to grasp the concepts because of how well this book was written. The anatomy and physiology section is readily understandable.

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    I used this for the first time a day or two ago. I was happily surprised with how thick it was, since I've been trying out new conditioners and the last one (Mane N' Tail) dried the mess out of my hair.