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  • Consultant - Fine, but it's broken

    The download version of 2012 H&R Block at Home, Basic, is excellent for tax preparation -- except that the software downloaded is broken. Everything went well until I tried to e-file. I could not access the necessary options page, even after repeated attempts and opening a new return. You just cannot get there, so you cannot e-file. You can however, mail in your return and this part functions very well. Regarding help and customer service links, forget it: Slow, don't understand English, and have no clue about the product.

  • Tina B. - Excellent Infuser

    I've been trying to drink more water in general, but I often find myself forgetting to drink as much as I should. I am an avid caffeine drinker and (somewhat shamefully) tend to be unmotivated to want to drink water. I can't even begin to estimate how much my water consumption has increased since I got this water bottle! The fruit infusion makes it taste so good that I look forward to drinking it, and the 32 oz size is great so that I don't have to keep refilling it. I like my water to be very cold, and the infuser water bottle does a very good job of keeping it nice and cold.

  • FPRJR - PC Matic Sucker

    The moment I downloaded the "Free Trial" of PC Matic, my main business, payroll computer started to slow down. Every day they would send me a pop-up explaining their great offer, then the computer would slow down even more. When I contacted them regarding their "Free 1 Year Offer" pop-up that I was viewing on my screen, they told me that they didn't have a free 1 year offer. I removed all the PC Matic software that I could find, but now I need to buy a legit clean-up program to remove all the viruses PC Matic downloaded on to my computer. I'm usually more business savvy then this. Don't get sucked in. This is a total scam. Even my top of the line virus detection system can't fix the issues PC Matic downloaded to my system. To make matters worse, when I moved a zip drive from the computer having issues to my brand new lap top, it also started slowing down.

  • Alex S. - Does what is expected

    The software is pretty basic, but it does what majority of customers expect in one day or less - making 1, 2 or 3 wills and a simple revocable living trust . It is surprising how much sensitive private information has to be entered during the document's creation, hopefully it is not stored anywhere online.

  • Bogdan111 - Magnesium stearate in a lozenge!? Terrible stuff. Jarrow puts this in everything now.

    The methylcobalamin is good. The cheap fillers that Jarrow uses now are very bad. Magnesium stearate in a lozenge!? Ridiculous. Never again with Jarrow.

  • Amanda hash - This worked great on my lg tv

    This is exactly what I needed to free up space in my bedroom!! I have a small room and I had my 54 inch tv on my dresser and I had no space for my things. So this has made my life better. It came with everything I needed to intall this on my wall. I have a lg tv and it screwed into it like it was made for it! It was so easy to put up I actually would love to use with all my tvs! Im sure you could use this with just about any tv it has great step my step directions and it holds a lot of weight so its super durable! I'm happy to have it.

  • Mitch BK - Very pleased

    Just got this car in early July. I opted for the eyesight system package, but the nice thing is that with this package there are almost no other options you can buy. I think the exterior and interior finishes are the best in the market for the price. I would compare them to that of cars costing $10,000 to $15,000 more. I have driven it about 5,000 miles in two months, including a 2,000 mile round trip. I found that the 4 cylinder offered plenty of power, although not much "OOMPH", but the gas milage was outstanding, averaging 26 miles per gallon since I had it and nearly 29 miles per gallon on the highway. It is quiet and you do not get much road feel. The seats and steering wheel are very adjustable and the dash controls and sound system are excellent, offering all of the features I was looking for. It has a roomy feel and the back seats are very comfortable and even recline. My wife has a fully loaded top model Mazda CX5 which is a nice car, but it feels much less luxurious and more cramped that the Outback, particularly in the rear seats. The eyesight system seems to work, perhaps delivering a few too many warnings, but, obviously, it is no substitute for being an alert driver. Although it has roof racks, the car is a bit tall and I would recommend getting a decent hitch for things like bicycle racks as lifting things onto the roof is not really that easy and you do not want to risk scratching the car. In addition to the rear cargo floor liner, you can get Subaru liners for the back of the rear seats which is useful if you carry things that may dirty up the back. My dealer fitted what I had heard about Subaru dealers, which is that are straightforward, knowledgable about the products and do not jerk you around.