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  • G. Chapman - Yes it works but my lips get very chapped.

    This product works and the effects on my taste buds are not an issue for me. I get very chapped lips when I use it which can lead to a cold sore for me though. I also experience a sore throat. I am surprised no one else has mentioned this side effect though that is probably why the probiotics become necessary - to equalize the bacterial ecology in the mouth? It is however a solution (no pun intended lol) to the confidence destroying effects of chronic bad breath.

  • patti holland - Smells heavenly..

    I got this skin cleanser for my daughter. It smells wonderful and she said that it makes her skin feel clean and soft.

  • Almarie - Brand New Booty!

    I'm using this female butt enlargement enhancement and body support capsules for awhile now, this my third purchase... I'll definitely recommend this product because it work haven't take a measurement yet, but i can see the difference in my jeans! It work. I'll continue using it to get a great result will update everyone if it does.

  • Rebecca S. Anderson - Delightful Teagarden

    Another delightful Teagarden mystery. Looking forward to more about Aurora's life with a new husband and baby. Should only make next book interesting in a new way.

  • Ashley Vercher - Fixed My Problem Amazingly Fast

    I have been having problems with a leaking head. Found myself having to add coolant several times per week and my low coolant light pretty much stayed on constantly even if I had just topped off my system. While parked at work, I would come out to see a puddle of coolant that leaked out through the day. I bought this a couple days ago at Wal-Mart on a whim and poured the entire bottle into my 2000 Buick Century. I then let it idle with the heater on high for a full 45 minutes rather than the recommended 15 minutes just to ensure my Buick got up to operating temp. Since then, my temp has stayed well below what I had grown used to seeing and my low coolant light has yet to come on. I will update this review as needed but two days after adding it to my vehicle, I am thoroughly pleased with this purchase and this product.

  • Carlos Gárate - Great book... full of despair ...

    This is one great serie full of despair and hope... Marco Emery... clasic hero, wish he would have been promoted to sargeant ... they did so much. The ranks are inconsistent and after the whole ordeal you would be promoted to general... after all they killed the fu... emperor... I was wshing he was a clon of the lt or even evan bryant's. Either way I enjoyed it and took me 3 days to read it. Must have on your digital library