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  • Jeffrey D Borgholthaus - This 2016 version is not nearly as beautiful as the 2015 star

    This 2016 version is not nearly as beautiful as the 2015 star. The glass is dull and does not refract the light with the brilliance of the 2015 model. I purchased two, and they are both the same. While pretty, they pale in comparison to last year's star. Kind of disappointed. It is like the glass was cut, but then not polished.

  • Todd B. Amenrud - Acting OK, story sucked, excellent special effects.

    The acting was OK, but the story sucked. You'd think that if they're going to put all that money into a movie maybe the could spend some on the writers. It was basically the same story as the first with a slight twist at the end.

  • lillie harris - I like using moosh because it is chemical free and I ...

    My shih tzu is 13 years old and has sensitive skin. His vet has advised against bathing any more often than every 10 days. His coat gets very oily and smelly within 3 days of bath. I like using moosh because it is chemical free and I feel I can safely bathe him more often if needed. It has been 4 days since his last bath with moosh and his coat is still fresh and soft.

  • Amazon Customer - What happened to the previous 4-star reviews on this laptop PC?

    This computer was listed earlier before I purchased it with three 4 star reviews. They are no longer being posted and I'm wondering why, adding to my increased suspicion about this PC. Also, the shipping weight has changed from 6 pounds to 13 pounds. I'm wondering if what I bought was really new or just sold as new and/or even the real thing. I expected this computer to run faster and without any glitches especially with the 2015 Newest 6th Gen Skylake Intel Core i5-6200U Processor. The start up and restarting is very slow at times, and would go on and on. The text is smaller than usual which I didn't expect nor like, thinking I would be getting a better display with a 1920x1080 1080p. The mouse tab isn't responsive at times and I have to keep tapping to get a response. There is no adjustment for that, either. I am having my doubts about this computer, its origin, poor performance quality, and I'm on the verge of returning it.

  • MzKourt - Surprising

    So this is a preliminary review. I went to the dermatologist a was informed that I has scarring and inflammation of the scalp and the hair would never grow back. I didn't purchase mine from Amazon but from Wal-Mart. I have been using only on the section of the hair loss for about a week and something is starting to sprout. I will continue using daily and add to the review when I am done. The preliminary results are promising to say the least.