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  • Goatmonkey - Best diaper rash treatment, works on severe rashes

    My 8 month-old daughter has just started to get diaper rash, probably due to a solid food sensitivity. Her skin was red with little red dots. I had used Desitin Creamy ($7 for 4 oz), Welleda calendula ($10 for 2.8 oz) and Lansinoh ($7 for 3 oz) diaper rash creams. The Desitin Creamy had a harsh, obnoxious perfume. The Welleda was soft and pleasant smelling but didn't have the staying power of the thicker creams. The Lansinoh was fragrance-free and had a nice creamy texture and healed the rash in 3 days in conjunction with the diaperless treatment. Then the next day the rash returned with a vengeance: more intense redness, spread over a larger area, and the red dots grew and eventually oozed a clear fluid, worsening with each diaper change. Cleaning her with wipes made the poor thing scream. Lansinoh was now not helping.

  • Scott S. - Dropped these into my new HP Pavilion 17 and memory ...

    Dropped these into my new HP Pavilion 17 and memory benchmarks doubled (mostly because its using 2 channels because of both slots being filled) but they worked perfectly.

  • Thomas Turner - Do Not Waste your time.

    If you have a lot of edging along curbs and sidewalks. This machine is a piece of trash. It is to light to cut anything along the sidewalks, but around the house and fence it is ok. The batteries will not keep a charge very long. Use it about 30 minutes, it is dead. Going back to my gas powered. More reliable.

  • Jerry d - Worked For Me

    After adding it to my oil, it took ~3 days and no more leaks. I had the rear main leaking so I got this versus a general seal leak as they said it works 95% - Worked for me!

  • khosein - ... of all the rest that has held up the best. My kids have had their Leap Pad for ...

    The Leap Pad has been the one game system out of all the rest that has held up the best. My kids have had their Leap Pad for at least 4 years. There are many games for this system that range for age 3 to 9 years of age so this system can be used for many years. After 4 years of rough play by my son his is finally starting to give out. I guess my son taps very hard on the screen with the pen that comes with it so the bottom half of the screen is almost blank. Even thought my kids have had this already for many years they still love to play with it so we are planning on buying them the newer version this year.

  • Shop-a-holic - Check Prices Before you Buy!

    I buy these stars every year. The only issue was the price. I could have gotten it cheaper elsewhere had I shopped around, but it's a beautiful ornament and I will continue to collect them.

  • enkdad - Great design idea, poorly executed

    I purchased this item from Overstock.com. It cost less there, but now I wish I had purchased from Amazon, as their return policy is more reasonable.