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  • pollock - You'll need 2 or 3 bottles and 2 coats. Buy 6 bottles of other products for the same price

    I detail all 3 of my cars twice a year, clay bar, wax and do the interior . Wipe new is unforgiving. If not applied properly it will streak, leave marks where it is unattended. One bottle will not be enough to finish the interior of a Honda Civic, let alone do the 2 coats that will be needed. Flat plastic non textured surfaces streak easily. Application instructions say to overlap surfaces with one swipe. That is very hard unless the applicator cloth is saturated thus over applying product. If you work the product into textured surfaces it tends to streak, much like over brushing with paint or varnish. Not even bother try leather, the leather will absorb so much material and a 2nd coat will be needed. I did the running boards of my Honda Pilot and the tailgate lip protector. 1 month and 1 car wash later the areas were spotted and weathered. The black panel below the rear bumper and mudguards retained their finish. As much as the product costs it would be better to buy 4 bottles of armour all or comparable product and apply the product one or twice a year

  • Doty Tipton Jeans - Amazing plot to other adventures of Tracy Crosswhite!

    I've read singles and series books of Tracy Crosswhite. These are on the edge of your seat books! Love crime mysteries? These books and series can't be overlooked!

  • mother22 - Powerful!

    I bought this Waterpik to replace a Conair Interplak machine that I had tried and found somewhat lacking. The Waterpik is great!

  • John (Michigan) - Great for truck seats and shoes

    I use this on my truck cloth seats, usually doing a light coat every spring. After 4 years, I have yet to see a spot on seats. It is easy to apply and drys quick. I put on a coat in the morning and let sit all day and overnight, cracking the windows in the day. I apply in warmer weather, and let the truck sit out in the sun to aid in drying and ventilation. Next day there is no noticeable odor, and seats are dry and looking just like the day I took delivery. I had not treated my previous truck seats and every bit of water showed if you had a beverage that was beading up even the water spots would not come out. I also use on new shoes, boots and it seems to help keep them looking cleaner and offers a bit of extra water resistance. Great product. It can be used after properly cleaning your car/truck seats just as well, just make sure to let the cleaning products dry out before applying.

  • Dave - Fantastic for caffeinating ANYTHING!

    Can you honestly think of anything that wouldn't benefit from being caffeinated or more caffeinated? ME EITHER! I'm horribly addicted to energy drinks, and one of these will take your soda from "wired" to "bouncing off the walls" in a quick peel and stir! Other things I've tried this with: Orange Juice, Watermelon Juice, Grape Juice, Iced Tea, Wine, and *ugh* plain water... but it definitely added some zing to all of them! The sticks are very convenient to use, and all that you have to do is peel and stir - just like using a sugar packet. It's also great if you have someone in the office (I'm looking at you... You know who you are...) that insists on brewing decaf (a.k.a. the Devil's Brew) - you can still get your morning pick me up with these handy little guys in your briefcase. I'm very happy with these, and I feel very secure with the packaging - there's not going to be any accidental spills with these, it's all very well put together. I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

  • laddshack - Had to abandon ship

    I finally switched to Mac after a lifetime of PC, and 15+ years using Quickbooks and Quicken. I was so excited to convert everything over to Mac, but had to abandon ship after the initial conversion when I found all the errors and things you couldn't do with the Mac version of Quickbooks. (Don't even get me started on Quicken Essentials for Mac - what a farce!)

  • C Todd - Excellent Anti-Virus Program

    This is my first time trying Kaspersky. I have used AVG for the past 5 years and it allowed a couple viruses to attack my system. For the low price of Kaspersky offered on Amazon, I though I would give it a try. So far, so good. Didn't slow down my system. No complaints here.