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  • Phidian - then combed her with a fine tooth flea comb and it did seem to immobilize ...

    I am probably just speaking for myself, in terms of how I reacted to this product? Because I had a bone-marrow transplant some years ago and so my immune system is compromised. My dog looks okay but I actually felt a bit ill after being exposed to this product by spraying it on my dog and then putting it through her fur with my hand...So I hurried to wash it off with soap and water a few times. Because I had that reaction, I wet a towel thoroughly and then wet my dog where I put the product, then combed her with a fine tooth flea comb and it did seem to immobilize the fleas, I just did all this so I don't know how it will be in the long term. If I do use it again, I would really dilute the stuff by using a wet towel to just put a trace of it on her fur, I don't think I'd spray it on her right out of the bottle. Sometimes there is no such thing as a free lunch but I did seem to accommodate​ myself to the product to where I feel more comfortable with it.

  • Rich - Athletes foot destroyer!

    This is a great product! It is one of the best tea tree soaps I have used. I use it on stubborn athletes foot fungus and it works better the the prescription medications I have tried. Trial and error has shown the soap needs to be left on your feet for 5-10 minutes then rinse. Using it like regular soap does not seem to produce good results. Using it everyday for 10 days, has eliminated about 50% of the fungus infection, which never happened with prescription creams.This has convinced me tea tree oil works. Great addition to the bathroom cabinet.

  • James S - Replacement Filter does the job!

    This filter works for me. Easy to install, clear instructions on the box, no chemical aftertaste. The only problem I had was trying to remove the original factory filter. All this for a quarter of the cost!

  • shaun menestrina - Surfers BEWARE

    I was very proud of this safe and I thought I loved it, UNTIL yesterday. The safe was easily compromised as a thief hammer wedged something right into it, obtaining my keys and unlocking my glove box where my wallet was. He then proceeded to go on a $600 shopping spree while I was enjoying my surf. Thank goodness he did not steal my truck.

  • Larry Hong - Not Quite Ready for Release

    I actually pre-ordered this through Origin because it was the only way to purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition of SimCity. Although there are a few going things for it, many hindrances hold it back from being a great title.