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  • Howie Bates - Hey, these do help you keep wine!

    I purchased these in 2012, and found they will definitely help me keep the unused wine a lot longer without trying to stopper the bottles with the cork the bottle came with. For an amateur wine enthusiast like myself this was a great help to allow the wine to be kept away from air that will flatten the flavors of the wine. It's not rocket science, just pump and listen for the 'pop', which tells you the vacuum is good inside the bottle. Lasts a while, too. Of course if you keep more than a bottle or two, have more than a glass or two of wine every so often, one should get two, three or more of these. I am reordering, most definitely and will recommend purchasing these to anyone who likes wine, cooks with wine, or.....? A no-brainer.

  • Reba's Dad - Great Vac...Just Buy it

    After reading all the positive feedback I bought this unit yesterday at Bed, Bath and Beyond (BBB). This was due to the 20% off coupon I had and the feedback that they will take this back for a lifetime if you keep the original box, packaging material, and receipt.

  • CARMEN - I threw up after taking (about an hour after)

    I bought 2 bottle bonus pack & I only took it twice every time I took it within an hour I was throwing it up, capsule and all. I did workout, I drank only water & changed my diet I think Ill just stick with that. I don't know why it make me throw up but everyone body is different it was not for me.

  • william wambach - It is safe to say that this crap doesn't work at all

    I found a 4 foot rattlesnake laying directly on the pellets less than 24 hours after installation. It is safe to say that this crap doesn't work at all. What a waste of money.