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  • Jamie C Lovell - A useful, honest review of this product after 2 months

    Alright, here it is: the most honest and helpful review. I bought this back in August along with the conditioner. It is now almost the end of October and I see no improvement with my hair loss. Actually, I seem to be losing more hair-but that could be due to the fact that I just started grad school.

  • abby's mama - Do not waste your $

    We bought this tv in Sept. 2006. It stopped working completely in July 2007, so we contacted Polaroid for help since it has a 1 yr warranty. Customer service is terrible. You spend 30 min on hold to reach someone, then they tell you they are not repairing this model, they will replace it, BUT we have to pay shipping and we have to wait for their corporate office to call us back with details on how to return it. It's been a month & we're still waiting to hear from them. We've called several times and sent an email. Very disappointed. Do not waste your time and money. We will never buy this brand again.

  • L. Isun - but everything just looks better, spots

    wow, yes, spend the money. age spots faded, not gone, but definitely faded, my skin is smoother, my pores have shrunk by at least half. not sure if there is any firming going on, but everything just looks better, spots, clarity, pores, maybe even a little glow happening.

  • Jane M Wilson - Fantastic product

    My mother used this product for all scrapes and cuts when I and my siblings were growing up. It is like a miracle salve, I am sad that you can no longer purchase this product in stores. But very happy to be able to get it online.