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  • John Mark - Wonderful Replacement of my WaterPik

    AWESOME !!!! I've been a WaterPik user for many years - but thought it was time to get another new one, but I didn't want to fork over that much money. Thankfully, I happened to find this H2ofloss and decided to give it a try. WOW!!! I was - and am still being - shocked at how super this machine is. First off, I didn't know it came with a nasal flush - I've been using the squirt bottles - this is way more fun, and does a nice job. Then I tried the water-floss feature - and WOW!!! it did (and does) a really super job. Sometimes I get to try these products sold by Amazon for free - or at a discount - for my honest review. That didn't happen this time - but my review would be the same. I really love this - and so much quieter that my WaterPik - and really powerful. I highly recommend it to everyone who needs a great alternative to flossing with string.

  • Abramov - great glue for fixing home/wood furniture

    really good glue that sticks very well to many surfaces as well as curtain plastics and wood. Had some items to fix at home that were falling apart and does exactly what it says it would do. Very strong expanding glue and fills all the cavity's when dry. Very messy in my opinion without any gloves NEED gloves when working with glue will make a bit of skin fall off.

  • UberGeek - Covers everything.

    I had been always wanting to really learn the Microsoft programs better and this program so far has really taught me that. I am now the only person in my office that knows how to use Access. This teaches you the most very basic steps (which for those who now a lot from these programs may find a waste of time)to some very advanced steps in both Word and Excel. Only thing I didn't like is the repeat of the very first lesson in each of the groups, the program should know that you have taken that part already and just move you too the next lesson. This is pretty easy to skip though by just hitting the next button a bunch of times. All in all a great program for learning how to really use these programs to their full potential.

  • Walt S. Giebeig - Great gloves. Run small so ordered next size up ...

    Great gloves. Run small so ordered next size up and fits great. Just wore them for the first time on a mtb trip to Moab UT and all over Colorado and did not have any complaints about the gloves.

  • Kevin Mannheim - Description was very misleading.

    There is no way this should have been advertised as a 2016-17 draft board. It was missing all rookies and 2nd year players. Also, players that have been in the league for years, James Starks Chris Johnson and Zach Miller for example. Really killed the vibe of the draft with people having to write in 3-4 picks per round. Would not recommend this board.

  • James Merriman - Used Free First

    I used Avast free version for years. After a couple of years when the software had caught at least 10 Trojans, I felt they deserved my business. I have used Avast Pro for at least 10 years. Last year when I had a "blue screen issue", Avast trapped my browser in the sandbox. I called and they repaired my system remotely The price for a year is reasonable and it covers all 3 of my licensed systems. You get 3 licenses with your initial installation. I f my system runs ragged, I call and let them tune it up. Actually, I rarely write a review, but I have never had one issue that their customer support wasn't there for. All my friends and family call me when they have computer problems. I insist they at least use the free version.I .

  • Cheyenne Raley - This is the best product I've used so far

    This is the best product I've used so far. I couldn't believe how quickly it not only stopped the break outs on my face, but it changed my skin completely. I've never had this clear or radiant of skin. I will definitely be getting more of this!