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Faberge Art by Keren Kopal - Faberge Art by Keren Kopal 24K Gold or 925 Silverboxes plated eggs, animals and other accessories for art lovers.

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  • StarrJ - Great product for non beginner

    Great product for anyone who has had experience working with this type of software, may be a bit complicated for a beginner, tho very thorough the product itself performs as it says and still recommend giving it a try. A very detailed orientated person may like.

  • Mudcat - Chrome nice

    Holes didnt line up right ended up cross threading a bolt. Sound is very good. But for the price i wouldnt buy again. You would think they could get the holes right.

  • Greg W - I listened with good understanding all of the lessons

    I purchased Pimsleur Spanish 1-4. I listened with good understanding all of the lessons. After finishing I am no where near fluent. Probably a 2 on a scale of 1-10. Of you think you can become fluent with these audios you are kidding yourself. They do teach you a great deal but for the price they are simply not worth it. You will learn simple words and phrases but you will still be a long way from having a meaningful conversation in Spanish.

  • Edward J W Moyse - ... bought this book on the basis of the many good reviews, and I'm only bothering to write this ...

    I bought this book on the basis of the many good reviews, and I'm only bothering to write this now to try to help others to avoid making the mistake. It's poorly written, derivative infantile dross. The characters are paper thin and unbelievable, the science is ridiculous and the story is riddled with obvious plot-holes. It's honestly one of the worst books I've ever read on my Kindle. I HATED it, and only finished it in case there was some amazing plot twist I might miss out on (there wasn't).

  • Frank - Can't turn it off....

    It works on nails as it should but it turns on whenever it wants and the batteries have to be removed to stop it. It can be setting on a table for an hour then suddenly turns on. Yes it is in the off position.

  • loribelle - Love it!

    I love the smell of this shampoo and my hair is so soft. I have noticed that my hair isn't falling out like it had been too. I purchased it at Walgreens. I also bought some of the shampoo and conditioner to lighten your hair and it works really well also.