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Imaging Specialists Of Glendale | Experience The Difference - Imaging Specialists Of Glendale provides diagnostic radiological imaging that include CT Scans, Fluoroscopy, MRI, Ultrasounds, Digital X-Rays and board-certified radiologists.

  • http://www.imagingspecialistsglendale.com/radiologists Radiologists | Board-Certified | Imaging Specialists Of Glendale - Our board-certified radiologists with sub-specialty training have the experience, dedication and compassion to provide truly exceptional health care services.
  • http://www.imagingspecialistsglendale.com/contact Schedule An Appointment | Diagnostic Radiological Imaging - Schedule an appointment with Diagnostic Radiological Imaging for all your radiology needs. We’re available whenever you are: morning, afternoon, evening and even the weekends.
  • http://www.imagingspecialistsglendale.com/for-patients For Patients | Imaging Specialists Of Glendale - Delivering compassionate care and services to patients that includes CT Scan, MRI, PET/CT, ultrasound, x-rays, mammography, digital x-rays and fluoroscopy.
  • http://www.imagingspecialistsglendale.com/for-patients/insurance-information Insurance | Radiology Costs | Imaging Specialists Of Glendale - We participate in most insurance plans to help with cost. We accept many indemnity insurance plans, Medicare, workers’ compensation and personal injury lien.
  • http://www.imagingspecialistsglendale.com/for-patients/exam-preparation Exam Preparation | Imaging Specialists Of Glendale - Imaging Specialists Of Glendale offers board-certified radiologists. Exam preparations for breast imaging, MRI, CT Scans, digital x-rays, mammograms, and fluoroscopy.
  • http://www.imagingspecialistsglendale.com/for-providers For Providers | Imaging Specialists of Glendale - Our state-of-the-art facility and center in Glendale are committed to working with providers and referring physicians to ensure patient’s exam results are accurate and delivered promptly.
  • http://www.imagingspecialistsglendale.com/services/procedures Radiology Services And Procedures | Imaging Specialists Of Glendale - Our board-certified radiologists provides diagnostic imaging services and procedures in Glendale. This include CT scans, fluoroscopy, mammograms, MRI, ultrasounds, digital x-rays and more.
  • http://www.imagingspecialistsglendale.com/services/procedures/mri MRI Scan | Open MRI | Magnetic Resonance Imaging - We offer the best MRI Centers in Glendale. Services include MRI Scan, Open MRI, MRI's for back, head and neck. Save on MRI cost and prices.
  • http://www.imagingspecialistsglendale.com/services/procedures/ct-scan CT | Cat Scan | Computerized Tomography Scan - We offer CT Scan or computerized tomography scans for heart, virtual colonoscopy, full body, lung scan and more. Imaging Specialists Of Glendale offers board-certified radiologists.
  • http://www.imagingspecialistsglendale.com/services/procedures/digital-x-ray Digital X-Ray | Imaging Specialists Of Glendale - We offer digital x-rays, x-rays, bone x-rays, digital imaging radiography and more. Highly skilled, board-certified radiologists serving Glendale and surroundings.
  • http://www.imagingspecialistsglendale.com/services/procedures/fluoroscopy Fluoroscopy | Imaging Specialists Of Glendale - Fluoroscopy uses continuous low-dose X-ray beams to produce images of organs and bones in real-time. Our radiologists are trained for fluoroscopy procedures.
  • http://www.imagingspecialistsglendale.com/services/procedures/ultrasound Ultrasound | 3D Ultrasound | Imaging Specialists Of Glendale - Imaging Specialists Of Glendale offers state-of-the-art ultrasound center with board-certified radiologists. Services include ultrasound guided biopsies, pregnancy, gender and more.

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    I've read through most of the reviews for this product on Amazon. If you do the same, you'll notice that a large quantity of 5 star reviews are from customers who have not used the product long enough to provide an accurate assessment of the product's function. So considering this, most of the 5 star reviews should not be taken into account. Based on this the true average review score for this product should be less than two stars. As the saying goes, if it's too good to be true...it's probably not true. This product and the website that promotes the item, reads like a scam. If the product was as good as the manufacturer claims, then it would have 4 or 5 stars here on Amazon.

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