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  • tami28501 - This product is very nice and has worked well in my hair

    This product is very nice and has worked well in my hair. My hair tends to be dry and lifeless from using a blow dryer and being middle aged my hair is dryer anyway. I have used this product about once a week since I received it and have very much been impressed with the look and feel of my hair.

  • Jen in Cali - Buy this- it totally works!!

    My husband tried a harsh flea spray from home depot and also fogged our garage but nothing worked like this natural flea spray! After we came home from vacation and walked into a house infested with fleas, we were completely overwhelmed...especially because we have a crawling infant and didn't want chemicals all over the floor and furniture. After the first use we saw a huge difference. We just kept up on vacuuming frequently while spraying Vets Best and the fleas disappeared quickly! We were extremely pleased with the results and know you will be too!!

  • Kate Higgins - Great Protein but not great for weight loss

    Isalean is a great protein except for three reasons 1. extremely pricey compared to other proteins at gnc type stores 2. doesn't fill you enough to last 3-5 hours 3. if you're using it for weight loss be prepared to gain it all back when you slowly introduce normal foods. The protein is of high quality and would be a great product if used after the gym to repair muscles and aide in recovery but weight loss wise its a very temporary fix that will leave you gaining more weight back.

  • Scott - Product breaks fast not worth it!

    I bought this product 3 months ago and now it does not work at all. The rubber ring has come off and it will not go on again such that the lid works. No lid, no tumbler. I tried to contact the company about it but they just quoted their return policy. Please do not buy these as they work well for a small period of time and then they are worthless. If all of us on Amazon focus on buying quality products then maybe we can get away from this buy and throw away garbage. I stopped buying things at Walmart for this reason. Pls lets not make Amazon another walmart where everything comes from countries where the build qulaity is so bad their people will not buy from their own country.

  • Mystic Daizy - Perfect comb

    I have owned a few sandalwood combs. This comb is by far my favorite. It came in a nice gift style box with a muslin storage bag. The wood on this comb is very thick and aromatic. The teeth on the comb are widely spaced for combing hair. I have medium thick, long hair and I don't have a problem using this comb. If I get to a tangle I can easily work it out with this comb without damaging my hair. The teeth on this comb have nice rounded tips for massaging the scalp. I love the handle of the comb is nice and thick for easy handling. This comb is nice and solid. This sandalwood comb is the most aromatic of all the sandalwood combs I own. I am pleasantly surprised by the great craftsmanship of this comb. This comb will more than likely outlast me in this lifetime. More people need to learn the benefits of using natural wood combs for their hair. Once you have tried them you will never want to switch. I used this comb to detangle my hair before using my bamboo boar bristle brush, which I also highly recommend. I definitely recommend this product to everyone for gentle scalp massage and detangling.

  • Wendy - Hung up computer

    I was happily rolling along with Norton Internet until they discontinued it. Saw the price on the new Norton, and it was substantially higher, so decided to try McAfee. Everything was working well, until my computer showed a popup saying I needed to install the plugin for Firefox for the Web Advisor portion of McAfee (the program that protects you from entering malicious websites). That's when things went completely downhill. It hung up my computer horribly. We're talking speeds comparable to when home computers first came out. At first I thought maybe it was other programs that conflicted. But realized immediately when I uninstalled the plugin, my computer sped back up to normal. What a complete waste. The Web Advisor was the portion I was most interested in. I may go back to Norton, if I can find enough info that says the new version compares to the old Norton Internet. I should also add that I have Windows Vista home version, and I gave a copy of Mcafee to my brother who has Windows 8. He also had difficulties with start up hanging up, and the icons taking a long time to appear. I didn't have that issue because I leave my computer on unless a restart is needed.

  • Amazon Customer - Side effects, but overall good product.

    The product is good. I'm stacking it with the CLK softgels. I'm only on day 4 so I don't want to comment on results yet. But I wanted to point out that there are side effects with these. They will make you nauseous, and/or jittery, however, that seems to only happen when I don't eat before taking it. Also, the directions say to drink 8-12 oz of water when you take each capsule, when I don't drink at least that much water when taking the capsule, that's also when I seem to get jittery. So I make sure to snack a little on healthy food and drink plenty of water, then I seem to get a clean comfortable energy boost from these. Overall, I like the product. Will more than likely buy again.