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  • R. Price - Good material plagued by too many errors

    Overall this is a good book for learning strategies but there are too many typos especially in the math sections. There are wrong formulas and practice problems that are wrong. In my opinion, this makes this study guide dangerous to use. If you are uncomfortable with the math section, steer away from this book. Incorrect formulas and problems will make your GRE prep take longer and result in a lower score.

  • Viktoria Giersig - An actual cure for melasma!!!!!

    Never thought I'd get rid of my melasma which I got from birth control, but one week after I started using this serum the spots started getting lighter by the day and are fading before my eyes. It seems unbelievable, I tried all kinds of other ways to get rid of it and nothing did anything - and now here comes this revelation! I urge everyone with hyperpigmentation to get this product! I am endlessly thankful I tried it after reading other reviews!!!

  • chabang - Balls up horribly

    I agree with the other reviewer about this balling up under makeup. It balls up horribly! You can't apply any foundation over it. I guess he really means "finishing" because there's nothing you can put on over it. That said, it is a nice moisturizer and, if you don't wear foundation normally, I would recommend it. Otherwise, take a pass.

  • d1rober - Pedals look and feel great!

    My wife surprised me with these fine looking pedals for my birthday. I finally installed them on a 2012 Charger RT Max (adjustable pedals) a month later as I knew I would need some time and plenty of patience. The gas pedal simply snapped right into place over the original pedal. The brake pedal took about 45 min and was a bit of a challange but so worth it. The pedals look and feel great!

  • Lisa O - Handy little face wash

    Great face wash for all skin types. I have very sensitive skin so I can first say that this face wash did not irritate my skin at all. It washed my face clean and I didn't feel overly dry afterwards like other facial cleansers. It didn't have any moisturizers in so I didn't give it five stars

  • SteinbeckLiz - Good, decent product

    I bought this case because it was pretty reasonably priced by comparison of other cases on the market. Also, it was recommended that the white outer shell looks the best if you have the white Iphone (which I do). This case has worked great. It gives easy access to all the necessary hookups and buttons (volume, charger, headphones, etc.). The only reason for the four star rating is that the outer shell can be a bit slippery, so you just have to be aware of that when handling the phone.