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Informed Choices Clinic | Information about Abortion in Iowa City and Ames, Abortion clinic in Iowa City, Abortion clinic in Ames, Abortion information, Abortion methods, Abortion services in Iowa City, Abortion services in Ames, Free STD testing, STD treatment, Adoption in Iowa City, Adoption in Ames, Reproductive healthcare in Iowa City, Reproductive healthcare in Ames - Getting an abortion in Iowa City or Ames? Informed Choices Medical Clinic is your first stop. Abortion information, abortion pill info, as well as pregnancy

  • https://www.informedchoicesclinic.com/contact-us/ Locations & Contact | Informed Choices Medical Clinic - Iowa City Clinic Phone: 319-337-0575(this phone is answered 24 hrs/day) Address:821 South Gilbert,Iowa City, IA 52240(Across from Jimmy John's) Map and
  • https://www.informedchoicesclinic.com/services/ abortion Iowa City, STD, free PAP, Ultrasound, Adoption | Informed Choices Medical Clinic - * Pregnancy Testing * Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound * STD Risk Assessments * STD Testing for Men and Women * STD Diagnosis & Treatment * Early Prenatal Care *
  • https://www.informedchoicesclinic.com/pricing/ Cost of Abortion in Iowa City, Abortion Side Effects Confidential Information About Abortion in Iowa City, Abortion Methods in Iowa City | Informed Choices Medical Clinic - All your questions answered confidentially. Free no cost abortion information in Iowa City and Ames. possible side effects, abortion methods, STDs, PAP tests,
  • https://www.informedchoicesclinic.com/ask-the-rn/ Questions About Abortion in Iowa City, Abortion Side Effects, Confidential Information About Abortion in Iowa City, Abortion Methods in Iowa City | Informed Choices Medical Clinic - All your questions answered confidentially. Talk to our RN directly with any questions you may have about abortion in Iowa City, possible side effects, abortion
  • https://www.informedchoicesclinic.com/information/abortion/ Information on Abortion in Iowa City | Informed Choices Medical Clinic - Information about getting an abortion including the procedures, risks, etc. from our Iowa City reproductive health clinic. Information turns fear into
  • https://www.informedchoicesclinic.com/information/parenting/ Parenting | Informed Choices Medical Clinic - You may have more questions than answers about parenting. Maybe the thought of becoming a parent seems impossible to you at this time. We've talked to hundreds
  • https://www.informedchoicesclinic.com/information/stis-and-stds/ STIs and STDs | Informed Choices Medical Clinic - Sexually Transmitted Infections This document was developed for educational use at Informed Choices Medical Clinic by Tonia Zwart, RN, BSN References and image
  • https://www.informedchoicesclinic.com/privacy-policy/ Privacy Policy | Informed Choices Medical Clinic - Privacy Policy Notice of privacy practices (HIPAA) Click the brochure below to download and view the Informed Choices Medical Clinics Notice of Privacy
  • https://www.informedchoicesclinic.com/supporters/ Supporters | Informed Choices Medical Clinic - The Informed Choices Medical Clinics are freestanding pregnancy diagnostic and imaging clinics that also specialize in STD testing. Informed Choices Medical
  • https://www.informedchoicesclinic.com/abortion/three-things-you-need-to-know-if-you-think-you-might-be-pregnant/ Three things you need to know if you think you might be pregnant | Informed Choices Medical Clinic - If you think you might be pregnant, there are three medical issues that are very important for you to know about before you decide what to do next:  
  • https://www.informedchoicesclinic.com/considering-abortion/ Considering Abortion? | Informed Choices Medical Clinic - Get Answers! Sometimes, life doesn't seem fair. Your pregnancy has come at a difficult time. It's unplanned, but we're here for you. We care about you and your
  • https://www.informedchoicesclinic.com/strength-for-lifes-tough-choices/ Strength for life’s tough choices. | Informed Choices Medical Clinic - Informed Choices Medical Clinic is For People Facing Tough Health or Social Decisions........ At Choices you will be guided through four steps: 1 Clarify the
  • https://www.informedchoicesclinic.com/oral-sex-what-you-should-know/ Oral Sex – What You Should Know… | Informed Choices Medical Clinic - If you can't get pregnant through oral sex, then it must be safe...right? Here are the facts. Judge for yourself whether it is a "big deal" or not. But first,

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