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Jeffrey E Wong, MD - Urologist in Alexandria, VA - Welcome - Dr Jeffrey Wong is a urologist with offices in Alexandria, VA. Urologic specialties include Laparoscopic Nephrectomies for renal tumors, Brachytherapy for prostate cancer and Endourology for kidney stones.

  • http://www.jeffreywongmd.com/articles/prostate-cancer.shtml Prostate Cancer by Dr. Jeffrey Wong - Jeffrey Wond, MD, discusses the pathology of the types of prostate cancer, and their potential treatments.
  • http://www.jeffreywongmd.com/articles/TNM.shtml TNM Classification for Urologic Tumors by Dr. Jeffrey Wong - TNM Classification for renal tumors, bladder tumors, ureteral tumors, testis tumors, penile tumors, prostate cancer, and urethral carcinoma.
  • http://www.jeffreywongmd.com/articles/PSA.shtml PSA by Dr. Jeffrey Wong - PSA Historical Perspective, Factors Influencing PSA Measurement, Molecular Forms of PSA, The ProstAssure Index, Age Specific PSA Reference Ranges, PSA Velocity and PSA Density.
  • http://www.jeffreywongmd.com/articles/renal-mass-eval.shtml Radiological Evaluation of Renal Masses by Dr. Jeffrey Wong - Overview, imaging, evaluation, categorization of renal cysts and lesions, and modalities.

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  • Robert Andrews - Fire Hazard!

    This unit is a POS. spent 3 hours attempting to install and when it finally worked the thermal printing unit caught the printer paper on fire. Potentially burning down my store. Bad News. This is why good units cost $200 - which I purchased the Epson now.

  • C. Hoover - Not worth the price

    I am very disappointed in this jelly roll pan; it can be flexed with very little effort and is definitely not the product I thought I was getting. Stainless steel is supposed to be strong and not bend this easily. It is definitely not worth the price. I was foolish not to read all the reviews before I purchased it. The worst thing is that I also purchased one as a gift and I am embarrassed to have given it to that person.

  • J. Rosenberg - love this stuff!

    hi! i bought cell food at a health food chain because i realized i had been dehydrated. the employee recommended cell food and i was a little skeptical. i am a 30 year old woman and she was in her mid forties, early fifties and was raving about the product but with a subtleness, so it felt authentic and i thought i would give it a try.

  • TripleBullet187 - Working so far.

    Worked for me on my home THC tests. Went from Positive to Negative. Chugged the bottle at 11:30, re-filled it with water at 12:00, drank the water and finished it at 12:30. Pee'd 3 times and then did a home THC test and came up Negative. Still awaiting lab results from my job. Did another test about an hour after I got back home and was still negative. It at least works for home tests. Awaiting results for my job test. Will update.

  • Lawrence B. Ripp - One For The Ages, Seriously.

    I have been waiting almost 45 years for somebody to do "Warm and Beautiful" justice. Now here it is on Midnight McCartney. At least Sir Paul knew the song was great when he suggested it be included here. The whole CD is marvelous but the inclusion of Warm And Beautiful brings new attention to a song that should be a standard and IS a classic. It just wasn't done that great by Paul McCartney the first and last time he recorded it. NOW we have it for the ages or at least for everybody who loves a great song. Buy this CD and you will have it on permanent rotation afterwards. It's one of those well produced records that just is a notch or two above and you never get tired of it!

  • Colleen Vecellio - The best skin serum I've ever used.

    Saw a significant difference in the quality of my skin after 1 week! I have a lot of acne scars that I have been trying forever to get rid of, but after using this everyday, morning and night for one week, I can tell that my skin is softer and clearing up. I have tried other serum's, such as Clinique's dark spot corrector and Organic correctors, but it did nothing in comparison to this. My boyfriend also noticed and felt the difference in my skin! It is DEFINITELY worth the money and definitely worth trying on your skin! I love it.