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    I love to listen to music. I am very impressed with these headphones! These are quality headphones. They were shipped quickly. This product is loaded with great features. Good sound and bass. It's has a very convenient carrying case that keeps everything safe and secure. They are comfortable on my ears and in them. Sturdy construction and easy to charge. Very light weight. I use these mostly at the gym. I love that these are water resistant and hold up very well to any sweat that they come in contact with. They offer 6-8 hours of listening time. Sound quality is superb. Excellent sound and Bluetooth range. I have tried many earbuds and these are by far the best. Very good earbuds for the price! Very happy with my purchase. Thanks for a great product! Thank you for reading!

  • Douglas G. Grebe - Good Ball.

    The Olympic ball from 2008 when the U.S. Men won the gold medal. Dimples provide a nice grip for setting.

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    I ordered the Best Sports Towel by Sport2People – Compact Microfiber Yoga Towel - Quick Dry Super Absorbent Camping Towel– for Travel, Gym, Beach, Swim - Lightweight - Great for Backpacking, Hiking, Cooling – Extremely Soft and Thick - 24"x70" & 20"x40" in the 20 x 40 size .

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    This game is very fast and is very fun to play it also gets updated frequently so if you want this game get it

  • Amazon Customer - I can not yet tell you if they work in good faith, yet I will tell you that I ...

    I have ordered both this product as well as the fat burner, I can not yet tell you if they work in good faith, yet I will tell you that I am 8 weeks out of an eating disorder facility, I have and know a distributor that I help to get some money in her pocket as she is young and needs money for college. I try to tell people that they need a strong moral or ethical character to distribute these type of things or have the background to help guide those who may be heading into the direction that I did. Knowing how unhealthy it may be to try these, and reading review after review, my urge to try is high and can not control the compulsive thoughts of at least testing the waters. If any distributors are reading this please understand that you may be contributing to, or feeding an eating disorder /addiction. I shall write more if this product fails me, or maintains me. God bless everyone on there journey towards a lifestyle change