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John A. Liebert, MD, PC Scottsdale AZ Psychiatrist - John A. Liebert, MD, PC. President, Expert Clinical Systems Inc., developer of The Digital Clinician, a web-based Clinical Decision Support System for first clinical encounters at all points of entry, including Triage in high patient volume ERs, primary, prehospital and urgent care settings, including Mass Casualty Incidents (MCIs)

  • http://www.johnliebert.com/johnliebert/offthecuff.asp John A. Liebert, MD, PC Practice Scottsdale AZ Psychiatrist - John A. Liebert, MD, PC. Specializing in the Diagnosis, Psychopharmacology and Psychotherapy of: Impulse Disorders, Mood Disorders, Suicidality, Child and Adolescent Problems, Psychosomatic Disorders, Neuropsychiatric Disorders, Traumatic Stress Disorders, Neuropsychiatric Disability

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  • Amazon Customer - I love this filter

    I love this filter. I can brew a cup of coffee anywhere there is hot water available. I bought one to keep at work and later ordered another to use at home when I want only one cup. Only down side is a bit of sediment in the bottom of the cup if you don't use custom coarse ground coffee. Just don't drink it down to the last drop if that's the case.

  • gail hansey - Great but...

    This game is the greatest thing ever since ultimate shark sim but could you improve gazzels run speed and same with the hyenas speed too because I can't even catch a stork without losing it...😞 But could you make Ultimate snake, Bird, deer, fish, eagle, and ultimate bear sim? IT WOULD BE ABSOLUTELY BOSS IF YOU DID!🐍🐦🐃🐠🐥 P.S. I had to use a buffalo for a deer mojie and a bird mojie for a eagle 😝

  • Daria - TOXIC TO CATS

    When Googling this product as a favor to a friend, articles sprung up that Minoxidil is extremely toxic to cats. Even one drop or a cat laying on a pillow where someone who is using Rogaine has been can be fatal. So, though this may be an excellent product for results, buyer beware!

  • Lily - Seals and keeps wine fresh

    I bought these because a friend of mine had some at her place. I found that these work very well. I did test them out on a wine bottle that was mostly full. Obviously you need to pump less if there is more wine (less air to remove). I heard clicks without a problem. Sometimes I'll pump past the first clicks to increase the vacuum.

  • Edward F. Newbold - Doesn't work correctly and is overpriced.

    Only half functionality AND over-priced. I received this item and immediately tested it out. It does show whether the outlet is wired correctly or not, but the GFCI test button did not work on any of the four GFCI outlets I tested. With a big sigh, I immediately went to my local Home Depot, found a "green" GCFI tester on sale for two dollars less than this Sperry. Bouth it, took it home, tested the same four outleets, and the "green" one worked perfectly, tripping the outlets correctly when the test button was pressed. The Sperry is a piece of junk.

  • sarahe26 - LOVE IT!

    This thing is amazing! It gets all of the snot out, even the stuff that's way back in there. Those rubber bulbs don't do a good job at all and make her angry. Sometimes she gets fussy with the aspirator, but you can tell she appreciates the help. I recommend this to everyone. The great thing about it is the baby loves to hear the vacuum running, so it works out perfectly.

  • Hasel - Does a great job!

    Wonderful! All it takes to become a believer is to see the used water after using this machine on what you 'thought' was an already clean floor! And if you think about it, it just makes sense that it is better to have continuous clean water rather than using the dirty water in a mop bucket. It's easy to fill and to change the water and clean the filter. And with this machine you can completely finish the floor one section at a time. You vacuum a section, switch to mop, switch to dry and you are completely finished with that section of floor. This is especially helpful when it is necessary to move furniture. I use the Hoover cleaning product and it works very well on my hard wood floors. But I guess you could use any other wood floor cleaner that can be mixed with water.