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  • A. Lowdermilk - Great suggestions, but full of hype

    I like all the information provided and I think the author is believable. However, it's full of long ramblings and hype that isn't necessary. In a book like this I expect directness and I didn't like all the hype I had to sift through to get to the suggested cures.

  • JaymieP - Printmaster

    Very limited options available. Not what I was expecting since I have used other similar programs. I expected more for my money.

  • Valencia McClatchey - So far it's great!

    I was able to put it together myself, having the bolts/ etc in proper place helped! I had no issues with damaged or missing parts. Looking forward to both my husband & myself to get back to healthy especially now that winter is coming.

  • Jen Mousseau Trudel - REALLY LIKED IT.... VERY INTERESTING!!

    Thought was Very Interesting and Wanted to learn How Some Other "Religions" Meditate and chant words and other prayers.... I especially Likes the Confidence Spells~ Liked it very much... I would have given it 5 stars if I didn't down load it and had all the items listed in the spells "prayers" to do... So more my fault not having had physically bought it... I want to in the future!

  • Amazon Customer - DO NOT USE PRODUCT

    I bought under the idea that it would tighten up my neck area and chest. I have used about a quarter of the cold plasma sub-d formula and had to stop using. My skin got a bad red rash....like sun poisoning would look like, with redness, itching and pimple like bumps. I stopped using to see if the product was actually the problem and the rash went away. Still, i paid $80 on HSN for this more that a month ago (you can't return if after a month) and the rash came back. I am left with a toxic skin system and can't get my money back. I have since gone on review sites to see if anyone else has had these problems. Surprise......a lot of people had the same thing happen...Its toxic and i didn't know it. HSN should be ashamed to sell such a toxic product.