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Maltman Medical Center|Stacey Maltman|Nurse Practitioner - Maltman Medical Center provides primary care for adults and children. TennCare accepted. Women's Health, weight loss, hormone therapy.

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  • UniversalWoman - Best Binder I've ever been kept in!

    This binder is great. I love being kept in it. As a single mother, it helps to keep me from being concerned about my children and their guns and being paid less than the men I work with. It even protects me from being forcibly raped. I can't wait until they add my kitchen to it, then like a turtle, I'll never have to leave it, unless they outsource it. Thanks Mitt Romney for putting me in my place.

  • Deborah J. - Worth considering.

    It's a bit repetitive- which might appear that way b/c I am on a kindle version. But does provide better guidelines than many of the websites I had found. The whole concept is very interesting. Have tired it for 3 weeks now. It's easy to do & my teeth feel great. Not sure that I have seen much other differences. But I do think my skin is not quite as dry & we are having some very cold weather right now.

  • agathokles - Phenomenal!

    After reading reviews of alternative home-design software packages, I quickly settled on Home Designer Suite 2014. I was not disappointed. In a word, the application is phenomenal. I used it to develop a design for a significant remodel to a home I was considering for purchase. If the cost of a suitable remodel was too high, I wouldn't be interested in buying the property. So, I wanted a fairly detailed plan to present to my contractor for his estimate.

  • Greg Funtusov - A gem of frugal investment wisdom

    The repetitive format of the annual reports ensures that you get the point despite sometimes it being counter to the human nature.