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Lets Travel, an agency specialized in travel to Sri Lanka and Maldives - Seaside stays in Sri Lanka and Maldives, Ayurveda cures, tours with English of French speaking guides. Safari tours, honeymoon and tailor made trips.

  • http://www.letstravel.lk/sommar-i-srilanka/ Sommar i Sri Lanka | Lets Travel Sri Lanka - Adipiscing purus cubilia proin vel ornare lectus aptent dolor enim dapibus vulputate hendrerit et penatibus aenean molestie urna risus consequat facilisis vel
  • http://www.letstravel.lk/st_tour/junglesafari/ Jungles and Safaris | Lets Travel Sri Lanka - On this tour you will be accompanied by Riza, elected Best Guide in Sri Lanka, and who has been working with Lets Travel for the past 15 years!
  • http://www.letstravel.lk/st_tour/summer-sri-lanka/ Summer in Sri Lanka | Lets Travel Sri Lanka - This itinerary, which is considered ideal for travel between March and October, offers an immersive discovery of Sri Lanka, whilst including a few days to relax
  • http://www.letstravel.lk/st_tour/wild-eyes/ Wild Eyes | Lets Travel Sri Lanka - An itinerary highlighting the wild and genuine regions of Sri Lanka, such as the Wilpattu National Park and Jaffna, the regional capital of the East coast.

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  • Savvy Shopper - YES!!! It works!

    5 Stars are not enough for this book! I just finished the 10 days and I lost 6 lbs, I can breathe better (I could breathe ok before, but didn't realize I ha d been congested all that time), My skin is clearer, My cuticles are smooth, I feel more energetic, and I can think better. And this might sound really strange, but when I went back and looked at all the daily writings in my journal, my handwriting was better toward the end than it was at the beginning. Not sure what that means, but thought I'd throw it out there.

  • rockinrobin - Watery and dissipated very quickly.

    I wanted to contact the seller about this review, and to be fair, I did not because I couldn't find a "Contact the seller link" after spending about 5 minutes clicking around. The frankincense I received seems like water, not oil, and when I put it on, the fragrance dissipated in a couple minutes. I've used lots of other essential oils and the scent always lasts for a long time with the higher quality ones. I see that there are hundreds of good reviews for this product, which is why I ordered it - so I don't know what to think. Did I get an off-bottle? Or maybe it is supposed to be super watery and practically scentless as soon as you use it? As far as therapeutic value, I didn't see any of that either. Plus it came from outside the USA so it makes me suspicious that maybe the quality control standards are not what we're used to in the USA. The seller can feel free to reply to this, and again, I'm sorry I didn't contact the seller directly, I did try to find contact info and couldn't.

  • Shea - Crack the DAT

    I've mostly worked through the perceptual ability portion. The software worked great and it gives a detailed overview covering the different portions of the test.

  • Mark Evans - Great Garcinia Cambogia

    This Vitovia Pure Garcinia Cambogia is a great and quality product that is very effective. This product really impressed me and met all of my expectations. I've been taking this for a few days and i feel like it sufficiently suppressed my appetite I have not noticed a weight drop as of yet but I think if i can keep taking these for a few months i will see a significant weight loss. They are easy to take and don't leave a horrid taste behind in your mouth. I normally have issues swallowing pills and thankfully i didn't have an trouble with these. So i definitely recommend these pills to anyone that wants to lose weight safely and effectively. This is a well known item that helps reduce weight and reduce your cravings. These absolutely work. I bought it and noticed a difference after just the third day. The pills are a little large, but not any bigger than a large tylonol. Great item.

  • AgentaEmme - Thank you Alton Brown!

    This was just like getting a personal walk through of each recipe! Cannot wait to try them all out! Thanks!

  • Stevie G - Not for my 65" Samsung

    I was looking to get something very low-profile to mount my newly purchased Samsung 7100 65" LED. When i first received the tiny box for this item I had doubts about if it would work with my TV. The frame for this unit actually has to be assembled so it is very compact when shipped. Ultimately Im sure it would have supported my 65" LED, but the distance between the wall and the back of my TV with this mount is only 1.3". My TV has a combination of input jacks that come off the back, both sideways and some that come straight back. The ones that come out straight back are the problem, specifically with the optical audio cable I was planning on using. I would have had to bend the back of the cable at an undesirable angle to get it to fit. I considered getting a 90 degree adpater, which would have allowed for the connection of the cable without having to bend it, but after considering my options decided to go with a more versatile mount that I could use, the ATDEC TH-3070-UFL Telehook, also sold on Amazon. It has a full motion articulation and provide ample sapce between TV and wall (2" min to 25" max). It costs severals times the price as the Cheetah Mount, but will provide the right versatility for me to connect all the cables I neeed and easy accerss to the back of the TV for future cable changes.