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Longwood Pediatrics | Award Winning Pediatric Care - Our Best of Boston pediatricians maintain close ties to Boston Children's Hospital in MA. We offer top medical care to infants, babies, toddlers, and teens.

  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/our-practice/ Our Practice - Longwood Pediatrics - Since we opened our doors in 1935, our practice has been consistently rated as one of the best in the Boston area for comprehensive pediatric care.
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/our-practice/our-affiliations/ Longwood Pediatrics Affiliations - Longwood Pediatrics is closely affiliated with Children's Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Brigham and Women's, and is a member of the PPOC.
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/our-practice/our-providers/ Longwood Pediatrics Providers - Our team of pediatric physicians, nurse practitioners and social workers work together to provide a medical home to best serve your child's needs.
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/our-practice/longwood-staff/ Longwood Pediatrics Staff - Our nurses, administrators, front desk staff, billing specialists and lab manager are always here to help answer your questions!
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/our-practice/your-medical-home/ Longwood Pediatrics Patient Centered Medical Home - This Team ensures your pediatrician is well informed of your visits to the emergency room and other pediatric specialists before your followup appointments.
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/our-practice/services-we-offer/ Services We Offer - Longwood Pediatrics - We provide in house lab testing, suturing, splinting and ear piercing. For more specialized medical care, Children's Hospital is directly across the street
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/our-practice/faq/ FAQ - Longwood Pediatrics - Answers to most frequently asked questions about your visit to Longwood Pediatrics.
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/for-parents/travel/ Travel - Longwood Pediatrics - Before traveling, contact our office for safety information and protection from common diseases including Malaria, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Ebola and diarrhea
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/for-parents/your-visit/ Your Visit - Longwood Pediatrics - Call our office to schedule check up, follow up, sick visits and behavioral health concerns.
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/patient-education/ Patient Education - Longwood Pediatrics - Our website contains the most up to date and accurate information on various topics that will help educate both parents and patients.
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/patient-education/common-medications/ Appropriate Dosage for Common Medications - Pediatric guidelines on how much acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil) to give your infant, child, or teenager.
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/patient-education/nutrition/ Nutrition - Advice on healthy eating, nutritional requirements, balanced diets, snacks, junk food and portion control for babies, children and teens.
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/patient-education/nutrition/breastfeeding-and-formula/ Breastfeeding and Formula - Benefits and challenges of breastfeeding babies, and different types dairy, dairy free, soy, soy free, and partially and extensively hydrolyzed formulas.
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/patient-education/nutrition/healthy-eating/ Healthy Eating throughout Childhood - Pediatricians recommendations on teaching your child to make healthy meal and snack choices and trying new foods
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/patient-education/nutrition/nutrition-resources/ Pediatric Nutrition Resources - More information on pediatric healthy eating, food allergies in children, epipen instructions and links to epipen and epipen junior apps.
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/patient-education/nutrition/starting-baby-on-solid-food/ Starting Baby on Solid Food - Pediatrician's advice on introducing solid foods to babies, serving sizes, choking hazards, food allergies, and home made versus store bought food.
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/patient-education/nutrition/toddler-eating/ Toddler Eating - Pediatrician's advice on healthy eating habits and breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and drink recommendations for toddlers and children.
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/patient-education/safety/accidental-poisoning/ Accidental Poisoning - Here is a list of house hold items that are toxic to children, advice on how to protect your child and safer plant and cleaning product alternatives.
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/patient-education/safety/bullying/ Bullying - Longwood Pediatrics - Physical, verbal and social bullying are commonly seen in children and teens. Learn the difference between bullying and teasing and how to help your child.
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/patient-education/safety/car-safety/ Car and Car Seat Safety - Know the pediatric recommendations on rear facing and forward facing car seats, booster seats, air bag risks and when your child is ready for the seat belt.
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/patient-education/safety/childproofing-your-home/ Childproofing Your Home - Install barriers and gates around stairs, lock up chemicals, medications and plastic bags and use safety plugs in outlets to keep your child safe.
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/patient-education/safety/fire-safety/ Fire Safety - Pediatricians recommend checking your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors every 6 months and reviewing fire safety and evacuation plans with your child.
  • http://www.longwoodpeds.com/patient-education/safety/internet-safety/ Internet Safety for Children and Teens - Discuss internet safety with your child and teen especially cyberbullying, online predators, lack of privacy and misinformation.

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