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    Thank God I didn't buy this product, my husband got it for free from his sister-in-law for treating his minor acne (now I know why she gave away easily this pretty expensive product). I had few blemishes on my face because of my period, so I decided to help my skin get over it - big mistake!!! I applied the repair treatment lotion before going to bed, and the next morning I came to work with my face burning and as red as a stoplight. By lunch time, the skin on my face was burning and hurting so bad I wanted just to burry my face in a bowl of ice!!! My face is red and swollen all over, and I pray it goes away by tomorrow. I don't know if this is an allergy, or a literal skin burn, or if this how this stuff works. It's definitely not for me. It might work for other people with skin not so sensitive, but PLEASE - don't put this directly on your skin, try it on your elbow first or other piece of skin where it's not visible in case it has reaction.

  • KK61350 - This product does nothing, except leave white chalky marks ...

    This product does nothing, except leave white chalky marks. It is not the Instantly Ageless made by Jeunesse. If I could give it 0 stars I would.