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Marimax : Spécialiste en pièces automobile Guadeloupe - Depuis 25 ans, Marimax Guadeloupe possède une expertise dans le domaine de pièces détachées automobiles. A Jarry, espace libre-service et un stock de plus de 2 000m².

Country:, Europe, FR

City: 2.3387 , France

  • Serbski - Save Your Money

    This book was phoned in by the author. It is simply a chronological listing of events, the great majority of which are already well known to anyone interested enough in the subject to think of buying the book. There is no "look from inside the tent" in either the Obama or Romney campaigns. Where are the interesting personal vignettes, the conflicts in the staff, the fast-changing dynamics of a major political campaign? Don't look for any of that here.

  • Amazon Customer - LOVE this tea

    I received my teas wthin 2 days of my purchase. I was pleasantly surprised with how fast I got it. I wouldn't say that the morning tea is the best tasting but it also isn't the worse. The evening tea is much more enjoyable. Since starting the teas a week and I have ago I have cut down my coffee intake without any side effects. I have also noticed a HUGE decrease in the amount of bloat that I normally carry in my belly area. I would recommend this to friends and family, as 2 of them have already bought and started using these teas. I plan on ordering more in the future.

  • M. Edwards - Be careful

    Be careful! This stuff is deadly. It definitely speeds up your heart so you burn more calories. But at what expense? I thought I was having a heart attack.

  • Diane Morey - Extra Large available? And does it come with tabs?

    My boss has asked me to research the binders that Mittens referenced in the debate the other night. Based on the reviews, this is CLEARLY the Binder he is looking for, but I have a few questions.

  • Stefanie Jackson - This completely sucks!

    I ordered this product and when I received it, there was nothing inside the envelope! The cute little cardboard envelope was in its original condition, at least it looked like it, but when I opened it there was no application! I looked around the inside of the envelope stupidly thinking it is maybe stuck to the sides? But no, the envelope was empty! Very disappointing!

  • Amazon Customer - This book was so good that after I had read it for free with ...

    Incredibly well written. This book was so good that after I had read it for free with Kindle Unlimited, I went back and bought it. It reminds me of David Drake's Ranks of Bronze and Eric Flint's Belisarius series.