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MDIS Intelligence - MDIS is a provincially based private investigation firm with offices throughout northern and southern Ontario, and the Ottawa region. We dedicate ourselves to your 100% satisfaction and will not settle for less.

  • http://www.mdisintelligence.com/solutions Solutions - MDIS Intelligence offers a wide range of services to meet your expectations. When handling an investigation assignment, we conduct a mandatory 1-hour OSINT to ease the facilitation of surveillance and gather digital evidence. Our services include Surveillance, Statement Takings, Locates, Cyber Intelligence (OSINT), Cyber Crime Investigations, Insurance/WSIB Investigations, Corporate Investigations, Civil Investigations and Family Law matters.
  • http://www.mdisintelligence.com/contact-us Contact Us - MDIS has established itself in the heart of Ontario with an office in Toronto. With offices in London, Ottawa, Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie, we are best equipped to handle files outside of these locations by billing out of town matters from the nearest office, and prorated with other matters where possible.
  • http://www.mdisintelligence.com/assignment-request MDIS Assignment Request Form - Traditional investigations coupled with modern advancements to ensure a high success rate. Offices in Ottawa, Toronto, London, Sudbury and Sault Ste Marie, Ontario Canada.

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  • Bruce D. Namerow - 2011 Is a Big, Buggy Step Backward

    Overall, I'm usually a fan of Quickbooks. But Intuit recently forced an upgrade on us, so we had to upgrade from 2008 to 2011. It's been horrible ever since. If you're going to force people to upgrade, at least make the new product work and don't remove key features.

  • Ryan Dobson - Great Mats

    Very solid feel. Deep grooves, but not too deep. I love how the mat for the rear is one piece and covers the entire floor area -- even under the seats when they are down.

  • Amazon customer - True to the first movie

    great visuals serious situations but always interrupted with jokes or semi funny words and what not. This movie my not be great but it definitely followed the first films corniness with serious combination making for a so so movie again .. in my opinion if these two movies part one and 2 kept it a serious alien attack movie leaving out the funny stuff it would scary cause honestly the aliens and there ships are amazing