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Medical Plastics News Magazine — Advancing Medical Plastics - Medical Plastics News is the essential source of technology breakthroughs and industry intelligence for manufacturers of plastic medical devices and components.

  • http://www.medicalplasticsnews.com/news Medical Plastics News and Updates - Medical Plastics News - News about medical devices, device technology, medtech and manufacturing services for the healthcare sector.
  • http://www.medicalplasticsnews.com/news/medical-devices News about medical devices - Medical Plastics News - News on the latest innovations in medtech and medical device design. Featuring life-saving technologies and futuristic treatments.
  • http://www.medicalplasticsnews.com/news/opinion Personal views on issues which are polarising people involved in medical devices, diagnostics and drug delivery products. - Medical Plastics News - Independently captured opinions and views about issues affecting everyone involved in medical devices, diagnostics and drug delivery products, ranging from patients, practitioners and OEMs to tier two manufacturers and regulators.
  • http://www.medicalplasticsnews.com/news/technology Plastic and Polymer Medical Device Technology - Medical Plastics News - News about the design and manufacture of innovative medical devices and medtech breakthroughs
  • http://www.medicalplasticsnews.com/news/k-show-2016-draws-investment-orientated-visitors/ K Show 2016 draws investment-orientated visitors - Medical Plastics News - The world’s biggest trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry, K 2016, has been met with positive reception from the 3,285 exhibitors.
  • http://www.medicalplasticsnews.com/solvay-polymers-used-in-light-weight-ergonomic-spinal-surger/ Solvay polymers used in light-weight, ergonomic spinal surgery kit - Medical Plastics News - Leading supplier of specialty polymers, Solvay has announced that multiple of its medical grade polymers have been used to develop a lighter, more ergonomic and highly cost-effective kit of reusable instruments for spinal surgeries.
  • http://www.medicalplasticsnews.com/news/family-run-manufacturer-brings-haptics-prototype-to-innovate/ Family-run manufacturer brings haptics prototype to Innovate 2016 - Medical Plastics News - After winning a place at Innovate 2016, family-run manufacturer, Morgan Innovation & Technology will showcase its haptics glove prototype this year’s show.
  • http://www.medicalplasticsnews.com/news/evonik-leads-the-way-in-next-generation-of-biodegradable-pol/ Evonik leads the way in next generation of biodegradable polymers for implants - Medical Plastics News - Work by Evonik on biodegradable composite materials could replace metal in implants designed for repairing fractured bones as well as offering surgical benefits to patients
  • http://www.medicalplasticsnews.com/news/mtd-micro-moulding-receives-medaccred-certification/ MTD Micro Molding receives MedAccred Certification - Medical Plastics News - Leader in micro-injection moulding, MTD Micro Molding, has achieved MedAccred Certification, marking it as the first micro moulding company to receive the accreditation.
  • http://www.medicalplasticsnews.com/news/husky-demonstrate-new-systems-and-medical-plastics-at-k-2016/ Husky demonstrate new systems and medical plastics at K 2016 - Medical Plastics News - Leading industrial technology provider, Husky Injection Moulding, has demonstrated two complete, integrated closure systems at this year’s K Show.
  • http://www.medicalplasticsnews.com/news/owlstone-s-breathalyser-now-suitable-for-use-in-paediatrics/ Owlstone's breathalyser now suitable for use in paediatrics - Medical Plastics News - Diagnostics company Owlstone Medical have announced that it has developed and received CE mark approval for a paediatric version of the company’s disease breathalyser, ReCIVA.
  • http://www.medicalplasticsnews.com/news/blood-glucose-monitoring-system-launches-in-uk/ Blood glucose monitoring system launches in UK - Medical Plastics News - Global specialist diabetes care company, Ascensia Diabetes Care, has launched its Contour Next One blood glucose monitoring system in the UK.
  • http://www.medicalplasticsnews.com/news/k-show-2016/ K Show 2016 - Medical Plastics News - Starting today and running until 26 October, K 2016 will be presenting the plastic industry’s innovations and world premieres.
  • http://www.medicalplasticsnews.com/news/evonik-showcasing-multipolymer-compounds-at-k-2016/ Evonik showcases multipolymer compounds at K 2016 - Medical Plastics News - Creative industrial group Evonik will be presenting its multipolymer compound Cyrolite at K 2016.
  • http://www.medicalplasticsnews.com/news/magnetic-surgical-device-showcased-in-texas-as-part-of-briti/ Magnetic surgical device showcased in Texas as part of British ‘Medtech’ mission - Medical Plastics News - A magnetic surgical device that can eliminate exposure to radioactive materials and offers a less invasive alternative to breast cancer surgery will be showcased in Texas as part of a British Medtech mission.

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  • Danielle - Really works for me

    I wanted several months to review this product because in the past I've seen great success with similar products for a few weeks, written a glowing review, and then seen no further improvement. This one is really working for me. I've been using it after my morning shower and before bed for awhile and while I'm not totally in the clear, I've now got noticeable length of healthy toenail growing in (1/2 inch, maybe more). It helps to file your nails down so they are as short and as thin and possible, I actually cut mine back a bit with nail scissors. Try to push the gel under the ends as well as pushing it into the cuticle area. I'm using this with a tea tree soap. I've only got two problem nails so I slather them with generous amounts of the gel (maybe more isn't better but I figure it can't hurt) then wait 15-20 minutes before putting on shoes or socks.

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    The books in the series “Bible” is the best buy you can do as part of the software, because they contain all the relevant information all kinds of users: from the novice to the expert.

  • Nick - Could not ask for anything more

    The signal system looks great, and the fact that the break light flashes 3 times when break is applied it awesome. The light is easily seen in the daylight

  • Cheri M - Nice a thick, soft, cooling aloe, bamboo, shredded memory foam pillow

    I received this item at a discount for my honest review. Pleased with my purchase. Received as described. Pillow is vacuum packed when received. For best results unzip the bamboo cover to allow better air flow. Periodically throughout the day pull the memory foam apart. I found in doing this it helps in fluffing the pillow better. After 10 to 12 hours it should be ready for use. I would say it is inbetween a standad and a queen in size. There was a slight odor when i first opened it, by morning it has pretty much disapaited. I have degenerating disc disease. I live with chronic pain daily. The right pillow is a must. This pillow is very comfortable. It is not like the solid memory foam pillows that end up flat and hard when pressure is applied. This pillow retained its shape & didn't flatten too much at all. It didn't lesson my pain however it didn't increase it or make it worse. The cover is nice and thick, pretty soft made of 40% cooling aloe & bamboo, 60% microfiber. The outter shell kind of reminds me of my aloe socks. It didn't seem to kick up my allergies like some bedding tends to. The cover washed nice in cold water, dried on medium low heat & it didn't pile. This is a good quality memory foam pillow. If you have not yet tried one or you are a fan of shredded memory foam, I recommend you give this product a try.