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  • Deidra Collins - Great wraps - WRONG site!

    Ok, as a person who has been using these for a little over a year now, I will say they do work 110% BUT (and this is a BIG BUT) for those who are not getting expected results, this could be for multiple reasons. The biggest reason I can see for those buying off this site is that the person selling them to you has allowed them to get old and dry out. These wraps only have a 1 year shelf life which is why it is recommended that you buy from a direct distributor! Not to mention, you get them for MUCH cheaper as a loyal customer. The person selling these in Amazon, Ebay or Craigslist are completely out of compliance and worse yet, can be sending you expired products. To see what this is really about and ensure you get UNEXPIRED products, go to and they are shipped directly from the It Works warehouse with easy return/exchanges policies. Your money is earned... Don't just give it away without you getting something of value back! God bless and I hope you all have an amazing Monday :-)

  • Chiquita S. - Big Apple Flavors

    My most favorite Snapple Flavor ever! Served ice cold taste like biting into a Sweet Crisp Fuji Apple. Doesn't have the traditional Apple Juice Taste but IMO ITS WAY BETTER. While pregnant with my youngest I drank two of these a day. Thank Goodness for Amazon because it can be hard to find in stores