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  • Ryan Patterson - Playing Godzilla in VR is breathtaking

    We spent the evening playing Playstation VR for the first time with our family of 6 and it was by far the best video-game experience we've ever had. Sony has done a brilliant job on this. We spent the evening just playing their demo games. You get to see what the person in the VR is experiencing on the TV in real-time. My turn was 4th and I already had many good laughs watching my children experience VR for their first time. But when I actually put on the unit and earphones I was transported into an entirely different world, so clear and vivid. I could turn my head in the least degree and everything was smooth - no glitches. I played like I was Godzilla, wrecking over skyscrapers, lashing out at helicopters --- it was a RIOT!! And at the same time, my kids played on their controllers to shoot at me and try to get me down. I had to dodge their bullets. Unbelievable!! I don't usually write reviews but this definitely deserves a good one - Nice work Sony.

  • Jeffrey M. Horner - Helped me prepare for a perfect verbal score

    I'm applying for a doctoral program and wanted to get the highest score possible on the verbal section, while also boosting my quantitative score. I chose Kaplan's GRE practice because I used their book 13 years ago when I first contemplated applying to graduate schools, and it helped me significantly.

  • Amazon Customer - I would not purchase this computer

    I purchased this computer for my mother for mothers day and somehow missed the previous reviews. Needless to say I too have joined the ranks of the one star. The computer froze after 3 weeks. Not to mention windows 10 is the worst ever. Extremely disappointed.

  • LovingLife - Poor Made - Poor Product

    Product did not work at all. It was a gift for someone and they did not like the product at all. No channels came in and if they did barely at all it was not watchable. Product was very poor material and not worth money at all.

  • D. McCall - Impressive up, down and all around

    I've had this modem in place for a month now and I am impressed in every respect. I previously had the Motorola 901 (which was a rock-solid performer), and upgraded to gain the "N" level of wireless performance and be prepared for DOCSIS 3.0 from my cable provider (Charter). I find this gateway performs to the limits of my ISP (which in my case at my rural location it 25 down and 3 up), and has good "reach" throughout my home. It performs flawlessly including hosting uninterrupted 4-way video-conferencing (Apple iSight). For those having problems, I suggest you relax your firewall settings a bit, especially those related to scrubbing packets. All make sure your cable provider is doing their part on the performance in, including having the right levels of line voltages in and out of your home (you can see these on the unit's diagnostics panel). In sum, I'm smiling, have no remorse whatsoever, would buy again, and would advise my best Friend to do so as well.