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  • Debra Southworth - Great deal on this moisturizer!

    This is the only moisturizer I use. It has a light orange fragrance (natural), has a wonderful feel to it, and it's mostly Organic. I have sensitive skin, and I can even use this creme around my more sensitive eye area! They sell this moisturizer other places (Whole Foods, even Walmart) but the price is significantly higher per jar. I purchased 2 in a package to get the best deal. With Free Shipping, how could I lose? LOVE it.

  • RoseOrchard - Save your money for something that works

    Doesn' t work. I expected the same results as I saw on tv, but got nothing close. In fact, it didn't even resemble a curl. I followed directions to the letter. My hair is medium texture, curly, blown smooth. I returned it for a refund but was out the postage. Would give it zero stars because it gives zero results.

  • Hlujan - Works and smells great!

    I used this product for my daughter her first year of school. She never came home with lice! Her best friend got it and I found out a couple months later. So I know this stuff works. Very happy with it. Just ordered more for the upcoming school yr. Oh and it lasted for a while.i like the smell too.

  • Amazon Customer - Fits perfect, but thought it was supposed to come with ...

    Fits perfect, but thought it was supposed to come with a logo. May be my oversight because I researched quite a few covers. Must have been on one of the others. Not that important to me and I'm satisfied that it fits its purpose.

  • Denaizm - Exactly as advertised.

    My son plays the trumpet and is very pleased with this product -- his trumpet is cleaned and oiled well. Thank you.

  • Alyssa - Complete S***

    Do not waste you money on this. It worked perfectly, I loved all the features then it stopped working after a week (after I tossed the receipt) the radio would turn on the fade into nothing by static, the alarm would go off but would emit no sound, the k-cell stopped working after 3 days and wouldn't charge. I tried unplugging it, removing the battery for 20 minutes (even up to 3 days) and it would only be a temporary fix after 10 minutes the audio would stop working again. They let me exchange it at the store, the second worked for about 3 weeks however the k-cell never charged and would get stuck in the holder, then the audio problem happened again. Since I believed it worked and threw away the receipt I can't return it. Huge waste of money.

  • Patrick B. - Not as powerful or accessible as the PC version, and fails to take advantage of Mac specific features.

    Okay, so this is a serious review of the features and functionality of this product. In order for this software to be successful (actually applicalble rules for any software, I think) these criteria need met;