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  • Doreen MacKenzie - Sydney - Not a bad book, but a little too much padding.

    So little is known about Owen Tudor except that he married the widow of Henry V, (Catherine of Valois) and they had two sons. Due to this book I learned there was another son, Owen, who became a priest.. Tony Riches did a wonderful job researching and padding the known history as much as he dared. This made the book less creditable. Even so, the author did the best he could with what he had and full marks to him for that. I didn't realise before reading "Owen - Book one of the Tudor Trilogy" how power-hungry were Owen's two sons - Edmond and Jasper. Edmond in particular for marrying Margaret Beaufort and making her a mother at 13 years to ensure his ascendancy. As he lost his life soon after the future Henry V11 was born, he didn't reap the harvest he hoped for. Poor Margaret Beaufort who almost lost her life and could never have another child, due to the horrific birth. Jasper's exploits towards the end of the book dragged for me, although I was surprised to learn that Owen had fathered a child in his declining years - his namesake. It hasn't deterred me from my intention of reading the next in the series - Jasper Tudor who was the guardian of the future King Henry V11. This isn't a bad book - quite readable, but too much padding and poetic license used.

  • Joseph W Burns - Good but Flistatec is better

    Very good ball, but Flistatec is much better. The cover is too slick & doesn't have a very responsive bounce. Other players feel the ball is too hard (properly inflated to 4.5 lbs).

  • R. Drews - Great for a mini makeover

    I love how we were able to completely change the look of our kitchen without having to purchase new countertops. We called this our "mini" kitchen makeover. Two people were able to complete the transformation in a weekend, Saturday morning thru Sunday afternoon. My only advice would be to sand the crap out of the countertop during the first steps, while you're preparing the surface. It's hard work, you'll be sweating no doubt, but if you think you're done, take a break, then go at it some more. Pay special attention to where the counter meets up with other surfaces, like the wall or a sink. We were turning a white counter Java Stone. It was hard to see the scratch marks in the white countertop, so, based on our exhaustion, we figured we'd move on to the next step. But we found that the chips did not stick as well to those nooks and crannies that we had apparently neglected. This is not the fault of the product at all, so I would still highly recommend this product.

  • SmurfsRiot - Fast

    I purchased this SB6141 to replace my VERY old Linksys DOCSIS 1.0 modem. I recently upgraded to 75mb download from RCN (Chicago) and DOCSIS 1.0 was going to bottleneck my speed.