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  • Mike S. - Show is still good, lack of blu-ray still sucks

    +++Warning, this will contain some spoilerish material from previous seasons, but no major giveaways from season 5. If you have not seen the prior seasons proceed at your own risk. +++

  • Amazon Customer - Not crazy about the roll up design

    The fit is perfect and keeps the car cooler on hot days. I don't care for the roll up design. An accordion fold would be easier to manage and store.


    Ive been doing a ton of research and i realized a few tings. If you google CB-1 reviews you will get a couple websites with positive reviews these are fake. You also will get websites like ask.com and yahoo answers but the thing is the people who made the CB-1 are having accounts made to answer the questions with things like "Yea it really works!" So no matter what you search on CB-1 you will find good reviews, click on the name of the reviewer and you will notice its a very scarce account usually only reviewing or writing about one thing and that's the CB-1. All information you will find on this product through a search and on random websites are all false except the fact that they wont work. All it is is an herb that does not stimulate appetite (i minored in alternative medicine and the herb included does nothing more then change your immune system slightly) Avoid this product, the seller of this product is sneaky making it so when you search reviews you will almost always find FALSE good reviews.

  • Sadgrad - Worked instantly for me.

    Worked instantly for me. I took two the first day I received them like the instructions say and since then have only had to take one a day. Before these arrived I had the urge to go to the bathroom all day long, like when you have a UTI or bladder infection, but I had neither. Since then my urge to use the bathroom has been almost nonexistent. It's been a couple of months and I haven't been brave enough to stop them completely for a day or two to see if the urges come back. I figure they're good for me anyway, so I'll keep taking them. Again, SO happy I found out about these and SO happy they work so well for me.

  • John J. Byrne - Installs easy, looks great

    For the money you can't go wrong with this case. Installs easy, looks great, will probably last the life of my phone. This one is the best!

  • P. Layfield - help with your hair

    I purchased this for someone else. I know they tried it but it did not work as expected I'm sorry to say.

  • Robert J. Crisci - Bad Product

    When running a registry clean followed by a compact this product deleted some McAfee Internet Security files. This has happened twice, causing me to do a reinstallation of McAfee. I contacted the Help Desk at Symantec and they assured me this was not the cause. I have strong doubts about that. McAfee tech support seemed more professional. BEWARE!!!!!!