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  • Courtney Nicole - Functional... Not big on the scent.

    I'd been using the leave-in with keratin for months before I needed to replace it and went with this one... It seems to work just as well but I don't like the smell of it. Actually can't wait to run out and move back to the keratin one. Especially since I'm seeing more breakage now, too. (Which could also be attributed to crummy MD weather...)

  • DC Shopper - Best Insecticide on the Market

    This product is manufactured in Louisiana and formulated to kill the bugs from a swamp area. I lived there and have been using the product for over 15 years. I do not use anything other than Bengal. Worth the money.

  • Ricardo Jauregui - Poor item description

    Quality seemed good but according to item description it was supposed to fit the model stroller that I have... it didn't had to return it.

  • Ima Rascal - Powerful little backup.

    Pretty powerful little gun. nice to have on hand when your main guns run out or when you need a backup weapon. This little gun sends out darts at a pretty powerful rate. Always wear eye protection when playing with these toys.

  • Miriam Barry Ferioli - Great product but BEWARE!!

    I started using the skincare line about 3 weeks ago and I love it. I could see a difference in my skin within the first week. I have recommended this product to 2 other friends of mine and they love it as well. I would recommend to anyone to try this product. I was previously using Estee Lauder products and I was very pleased with them so to switch to another product was not an easy choice but I am very glad I did - so is my wallet! Much more affordable. With that being said, when i see these products being advertised on Amazon, Ebay, etc... I have to say BE WARE! The company has a strict guideline that representatives cannot sell on these websites. In turn what is happening is that people that need a refund are not getting it because the people that are selling these on these sights cannot offer it to you OR you have no idea how long the products have been sitting before you buy them. This site says delivery is weeks away. When you go to the Atomy website, you should get your shipment with a few days. That is because the ones that are advertising on these sites are waiting until they get a bunch of people ordering them so they can get a better deal on the products. If you only buy 1 kit from Atomy it is $159 but if you buy 3 or more you get it for $89 each. The best way is to just to become a member which is FREE and no obligation to buy monthly - you order as you go. This way you cut out the middle man and you can take advantage of all of the other products they have as well. AND before anyone wants to say it - YES- I have been so pleased with Atomy products, I decided to become a member and I have saved a ton of money for top quality products that if I bought anywhere else, I would be paying a fortune for. Just thought I would those of you who want to listen. Take it for what it's worth and do yourself a favor- cut out the middle man on this one.

  • Theresa A Duncan - Guinness World Records 2012 - yearly fav

    The book is a great gift for my son each year. He enjoys reading the records and the photos throughout are good. It's a yearly gift!