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    This product is a scam. I'm actually happy to find it being sold on amazon because usually you would have to go through a "distributor" and pay for the product plus extra fees. Yoli IS NOT for everyone, even though some may tell you it is. It is for those who are already in a "weight loss" mindset, and or a gym junkie. The BBS is a strict plan from day one, that does not allow you any solid foods except protein. Which is not healthy for your digestive system as well as unrealistic in the long term weight loss goal. IN NO WAY is it a "lifestyle" as some might ALSO tell you. Yoli is designed by a multi level marketing scam out to take your money. It is extremely overpriced for what it actually is. YOU GET NOTHING FOR YOUR MONEY. AND IT IS EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE. You get some powders you dont know much about along with some "vitamins" that could basically be anything. And it all costs an arm and a leg! I know, I was on the plan for 30 days along with some of the other reviewers on here(i only lost 11lbs which is nothing compared to the amount of food I WASN'T EATING).

  • PNWHiker - I lost 7.6 lbs in the 10 Days I did this diet.

    I would give this 5 stars except for a few things. My biggest turn-off was the suggestion of taking the PGX fiber supplement. For someone who is encouraging people to eat naturally, well, I've never seen PGX growning on a bush or tree. It's man-made in a factory...the same thing he is telling you to avoid. Of course, there are a few other packaged things that are allowed (Dijon mustard, for instance), which can leave some people confused about the "rules" of what you can and cannot have. But the thing to remember is to look at the ingredients. Stay away from anything that has ANY type of sugar (sucrose, fructose, etc.) in it.