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Michael J. Hennessy Associates, Inc. - Michael J. Hennessy Associates, Inc., is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with the information and resources they need to optimize patient outcomes.

  • http://www.mjhassoc.com/group/physicians-education-resource PER - Physicians' Education Resource® - Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), Physicians' Education Resource (PER®) is the educational resource of choice for live and online activities
  • http://www.mjhassoc.com/group/hra-research HRA - Healthcare Research & Analytics - HRA - Healthcare Research & Analytics is a consultative healthcare market research practice leveraging a wide range of solutions to support decision-making and strategy development across healthcare channels, with a particular expertise in the hospital/institutional setting.
  • http://www.mjhassoc.com/group/clinical-communications-group Clinical Communications Group - Our Clinical Communications Group is a full-service, in-house medical communications team that is focused on delivering impactful, relevant, and valuable educational and promotional content to a wide variety of healthcare professions.
  • http://www.mjhassoc.com/our-mission Our Mission - Guided by the twin principles of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, we are dedicated to improving quality of life by facilitating access to vital medical information through our communication, education, and research products and services.
  • http://www.mjhassoc.com/group/intellisphere Intellisphere - Intellisphere brings the power of big-time publishing capabilities, coupled with intimate, dedicated attention to reader and client needs.
  • http://www.mjhassoc.com/group/public-relations Public Relations - MH Public Relations provides strategic public relation and communications for hospital institutions and networks, pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer companies, and patient advocacy organizations. MH Public Relations leverages its healthcare media and communications heritage to provide unmatched service and unique avenues of communications to support the strategic communication objectives of our clients.
  • http://www.mjhassoc.com/group/healthcare-specialty-group The Healthcare Specialty Group - The Healthcare Specialty Group provides a comprehensive collection of resources for medical professionals.
  • http://www.mjhassoc.com/group/live-events Live Events - MH Live Events is a full-service meeting and event management company that specializes in the creation and execution of best-in-class programs worldwide.
  • http://www.mjhassoc.com/group/pharmacy-group Pharmacy Group - The Pharmacy Times® and Specialty Pharmacy Times® franchise is the #1 full-service pharmacy media resource in the industry.
  • http://www.mjhassoc.com/group/managed-market-group Managed Market Group - Founded in 1995, The American Journal of Managed Care® is a peer-reviewed, indexed journal dedicated to publishing original healthcare outcomes research.
  • http://www.mjhassoc.com/group/oncology-specialty-group Oncology Specialty Group - Helping busy oncology professionals keep up with the constant flow of information in oncology requires diverse media options which are grounded by a dynamic website.
  • http://www.mjhassoc.com/group/pharmacy-times-office-of-continuing-professional-education Pharmacy Times Office of Continuing Professional Education - Pharmacy Times Office of Continuing Professional Education (PTOCPE) is an independent continuing healthcare education company accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).
  • http://www.mjhassoc.com/group/rare-disease-report Rare Disease Report™ - Rare Disease Report™ is a healthcare communications and media company focused on the rare disease community.
  • http://www.mjhassoc.com/group/targeted-healthcare-communications Targeted Healthcare Communications - Treating cancer has advanced dramatically over the past 10 years. These advances are born of significant progress in the understanding of tumor development, genetics, and pathology.
  • http://www.mjhassoc.com/group/veterinarian-medicine Veterinarian Medicine - American Veterinarian provides veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and assistants with the latest news and expert commentary on the latest research in veterinary medicine, including: diagnosis
  • http://www.mjhassoc.com/careers Careers - Michael J. Hennessy Associates, Inc., is committed to excellence in healthcare market research, education, and integrated communications.
  • http://www.mjhassoc.com/contact-us Contact Us - Michael J. Hennessy Associates, Inc. combines the power of an established network of publications and websites with the customer service focus and customization capabilities of a boutique firm.

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  • Daniel - Easy to program if you car has the remote start ...

    Easy to program if you car has the remote start feature that's a plus as well 5 stars highly recommend!!! works like a charm!!!

  • catattack - Perfect!

    Let me start by saying that "sensitive" is understating my skin condition. In addition to sensitive, I have combination skin - oily cheeks and dry t-zone. Any skin irritation will leave marks on my face and leaving myself in the throws of time's mercy for them to fade.

  • T. Giboney - Tastes pretty good and keeps you full.

    This stuff tastes like vanilla slim fast powdered shake mix. It is, however, healthier with less calories, fat and sugar content than slim fast. I mix it with almond milk, which has few calories. It is best when blended with ice. It does a good job of keeping me full and satisfied when I have it for breakfast. Some of the mix-ins are good. Banana is my favorite. The orange and peach taste strange if you don't use ice to make it colder. Overall, if I am buying a diet shake product I would choose this one over slim fast or shakeology.

  • Arthur Zepeda Jr. - Beware! Error 53

    This game was purchased from Best Buy shortly after the games release for approximately $50. This is an important fact for my review as you will see later. I am what you will call a casual gamer. Since the games release I was able to get my Barbarian character up to level 19 thru the beginning of Act 2. I am not a fan of having to login to Battle.net every time I play the game. As most reviews show this is the main reason for all of the 1 star reviews. Well, on the afternoon of July 8, I received an email from Blizzard with the subject heading "Blizzard Store--Purchased Failed". You better hope to God you never get this email. Basically the email says that "since we could not fully authorize this item's purchase (they are referring to Diablo 3, the game that I purchased in Best Buy), it has now been deactivated. At first I thought this was a fraudulent email. After a couple of days I attempted to play Diablo 3, and after I logged in, I received "Error 53" which states that your account has been suspended. After creating a trouble ticket to Blizzard which I knew I was screwed since I know how these always turn out, I received a reply back stating that the game that was on my account was purchased online, and since the transaction didn't go thru, the game was removed from my account. Not only did they remove Diablo 3, but they also removed Starcraft 2 which has been on there since it came out. They wiped my entire account clean. I haven't tried to reinstall yet, but I can already bet that my authentication code no longer works. I will update this review later when I try that. Stay away from this game if you don't want this happening to you. I've sent 3 emails back on my ticket and each time they tell me that this game was purchased online.


    You know the program is there but, does not feel it is there working in the back ground. It is fast program, feels light, and that is what I like about this program - WEBROOT SECURE COMPLETE. You want quality, you are getting a QUALITY program.