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  • W. W. Winkler Jr. - Stubby for 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Seems to work as well as the OEM antenna. Now the car wash doesn't have to unscrew the antenna every time I get the car washed.

  • D. Rogers - ... this show twice earlier this year and it was wonderful. This recording captures all the fun and nuance ...

    I saw this show twice earlier this year and it was wonderful. This recording captures all the fun and nuance of the score.

  • Optimistic - Amazing console

    I can't say much that hasn't been said already. I love the graphics, social integration, the games, controller etc. A big con for me is not being able to hide old downloads that I don't need to see all the time. Also, there is no youtube app available. I loved watching youtube on my ps3, and really miss that. Maybe my issues will be fixed in time.

  • Ceersucker - He names names in the lyrics

    If you listen to the lyrics carefully especially in Go 4 It he practically tells you who the Hollywood pedophiles are. It's a very Hamlet way of doing it. It took him ten years to make this because writing confessions in code is difficult and time consuming.

  • T. Hodgson - Amazing

    I didn't order Slim and Sassy from Amazon but ordered it here - because I heard a friend had lost 2 inches in her waist with it after doing a wrap with it over 2 nights. Since I needed to get into a slim fitting dress for a wedding I figured I had nothing to loose. I did 3 nights in a row with S&S and the 4th evening I did a sauna with it and lost a total of 4!! inches. My dress not only fit but it felt a little loose! I am thrilled and now take it daily. I do have to fill a capsule though. Like other reviewers it's a bit strong for me too but don't give up on it entirely because of the flavor.

  • Lady T - something that finally works!

    I purchased the hair gro n wild along with the shampoo and conditioner in September 2013 I was getting a quick weave on my hair and when I removed the quick weaves I was surprised at the amount of new growth that I experienced. I have tried many products which claimed they would help with hair growth to no avail. My hair started thinning in the top of my scalp and my hair was pulled out on the sides from wearing braids that were too tight. I see that my sides are growing and the top of my head is getting thicker and fuller. I have been recommending this product to everyone that I know who is experiencing hair loss. The only draw back is it is greasy and has strong smell, which seems to only last for a few hours after application.

  • Music Fan - Makes my wife happy so we use it

    This is something I never would have thought of on my own. I have to say that this product has improved a lot in the years we have been using it. It's not as messy on the teeth. It does appear to whiten teeth better than you can get with ordinary daily care. When you use it it feels like a combination of Scotch tape and Saran Wrap on your front teeth (back teeth are not treated). Leave the strips on top and bottom for thirty minutes. Do it once or twice a day until, mercifully, you run out and your teeth are a little brighter. It doesn't taste terrible.You can rinse the gunk off your teeth when you are done with each use. This stuff is much less expensive from Amazon than in stores.