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Morningside Healthcare | Generics | Branded Contraceptives | UK Pharmaceuticals | Women's Health - Morningside Healthcare - Morningside Healthcare, UK Pharmaceutical company specialising in licensing and supplying generic medicines and branded oral contraceptives.

  • http://www.morningsidehealthcare.com/headline-brands NHS CCG Cost Saving Opportunities | Branded Oral Contraceptives - Morningside Healthcare - Morningside headline brands present bioequivalent products to the NHS, which can result in significant cost saving opportunities for CCG’s and prescribers
  • http://www.morningsidehealthcare.com/womens-health Branded Oral Contraceptives | Women's Health | Levest | Lizinna | Zelleta - Morningside Healthcare - Morningside Healthcare markets a range of high quality branded contraceptives to meet women’s individual needs.
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  • Amazon Customer - DO NOT BUY THIS.

    Please do not buy this absolute piece of garbage. Started having battery/motherboard issues within the first few months that i have had it, been fighting with it nearly every week since (over a year now), For the cherry on the s*** sundae; Alienware/Dell customer support is a complete joke, just don't do it.

  • Amazon Customer - Size misrepresented

    Pretty but the size was misrepresented. I was looking for a shaw that was long in the back- pics made it look that way but it really is a shoulder wrap only

  • chris - Well made, easy install , good reception

    Easy to install. I have a 2015 explorer sport. Stock antennae would bang on garage door when entering and leaving. You simply unscrew stock antennae and screw the stubby right in. Week made out of aluminum and powder coated black. No difference in radio reception either.

  • Amazon Customer - Its OK.

    It’s pretty nice, but the controller doesn’t work. It only works well in some games and there are not a lot of games out there for this kind of peripherals. The picture qualities of the videos that are out there aren’t so great either. Another downside of this set it’s that the cellphone won’t have ventilation on the back when it gets hot, so is you’re going to use this, play it with the air conditioner on. It’s way more comfortable than other headsets out there and that’s a plus for me… So it’s an okay product.

  • Syrinx - Great travel guide!

    Best travel book to plan your trip to Iceland. We drove the entire Ring Road and used it every step of the way. Recommended off the beat trail places we would never have known about. Highly recommend. Easy to follow.

  • justjoan - He's back

    Totally wonderful, had me in tears a couple of times....Go Barry, you got this, welcome back, we've missed you!!!