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  • Aubrey J. - Handy little light for YouTube

    I Purchased this selfie ring light to use to film my youtube videos with. i usually film with natural lighting, but once the sun starts setting earlier I won't have enough day light after work to film and get good quality video due to lack of light. I actually purchased this with low expectations thinking that it would be just ok. This little light is actually super powerful with multiple settings for me to adjust to however i like. i prefer to use the third setting on the light for the brightest light. It fits on my iPhone 6 plus with the case on it as well. I wish it was rechargeable instead of having to use triple a batteries, but i just get cheap batteries from the dollar tree and it works just fine. i did receive this product at a discounted price. I give my fair and honest review for all products that I purchase even if i receive a discount.


    This shampoo and conditioner totally changed my hair. It was frizzy, dull, unmanageable, and just difficult to deal with all around. After using this set of products for a few weeks, my hair transformed into soft, shiny, and touchable. Even my natural waves started to form in a prettier way. I can't rave about this stuff enough. It is TOTALLY worth the money, and you shouldn't hesitate to buy this if you want soft and shiny hair!

  • Brian Welch - Baited and Switched. Removed HD Audio Support after purchase.

    I have been using Nero since Nero 5 back in 2000. I have loved most of them (Nero 9 was my favorite, 10 was atrocious). I decided to try them again in December 2015. Everything seemed great until the end of March 2016 when they decided to remove HD audio with no warning and no refunds to the customer. Is it really legal to remove features you paid for? All I know is that kind of mentality makes me not want their product anymore. Thanks for nothing Nero.

  • Hazz Design - Beautiful Design but Baby Hates It

    This claims to have a tree swing motion, but not one of the motions is swing-like. In fact all of them are basically the same. This is too expensive to risk that your baby won't like it. Plus the mobile doesn't even move at all. It is supposed to shake but the motion even on the fastest setting is too slow to get it to shake visibly. Another issue is that it is incredibly heavy, so if you thought it would replace a bouncy seat, it can't. You will have to set it up and leave it. Wish it was better. I really wanted to like it. The materials and design are really well done. It just falls short functionally.