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  • Riddles - Did nothing for my daughter's skin

    I really had high hopes for this vitamin for my daughter's skin, especially with all the glowing reviews. But after going through two full bottles, we have not seen any change in my daughter's skin. I know nothing works for everyone, but we are disappointed, as the ingredients seemed good and useful for clearing skin.

  • Richard Paine - O.O i got it

    its very interesting reading i love the book and it came in the mail when it was sapose to yup i love it

  • Tacha - Amazing diffuser! My favorite is using lemon eucalyptus or ...

    Amazing diffuser! My favorite is using lemon eucalyptus or orange oil. Works to diffuse the oils very well in my large kitchen/living room. Love the fact that there are colored candle lights too! I love to give this type of thing as a gift with my favorite oil as most people do not have one. I get compliments all the tome when people come over and smell it and questions when they see it in action.

  • Gwen - CREDIT CARD SCAM!!!!!! Please read reviews and BELIEVE them!!!!

    I have never written a review before but this is such a fraudulent company I felt I owed it to hard-working good people to not get taken in by this. Please listen to all the other reviewers. I unfortunately did not read the reviews until I placed my order. I cancelled it within minutes after I read Amazon reviews. Once this deceptive company got my credit card, they debited $189.00 not once but twice, the other $189.00 a week later. They were probably hoping people don't check their accounts. I got charged twice, even after I cancelled. Never even received a product to do business with them. I had to cancel my debit card also as so many others have said. IT IS TRUE WHAT REVIEWERS are saying! This company should be arrested. The Better Business Bureau warns against them and does not recognize them as a legitimate company. If I have saved just one person from going through what I went through with having to cancel my debit card and having to deal with this, it will be worth it. As others have said, if their product was so good they wouldn't need to resort to these underhanded dishonest tactics!

  • JChi91791 - Great Headset So Far with Iphone 5

    I received this headset about 2 weeks ago and have been using it with my iphone 5. I updated the firmware the day that I received the headset because of the reviews on Amazon and the warning on Plantronics website.