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myRecovery - Online Recovery Network - myRecovery.com is an online recovery network connecting people across the world through video meetings, community support and recovery resources. Our mission is to increase the number of people who are able to access recovery by utilizing technology.

  • https://www.myrecovery.com/alcoholism_addiction_recovery_community.html Online alcoholism and addiction recovery community - An online 12 step community for people in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction…membership is free
  • https://www.myrecovery.com/online_addiction_recovery_programs.html Alcoholism and drug addiction recovery programs delivered online - Online recovery programs based on the spiritual principles of alcoholics anonymous

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  • Shelby Highsmith - Oh, Roswell aliens were real? I'm unfazed. Let's have sexual tension.

    Do yourself a favor: download the sample, skip to Chapter 2 -- which is where the back story starts getting injected after a kickoff on arrival at the massive alien spaceship -- read the inanity within, and save yourself from even mildly wanting to read about the silly characters' space adventure. Cue the predictably stereotypical NASA male nerd: "I'm here to recruit the World's Greatest Linguist for a top secret space mission, so I better not say anything stupid because I totally have the hots for that hottie. Who knew such smart chicks could be such hotties?" Cue the unflappable, driven academic woman: "I don't have time to stop walking while this horny nerd pesters me, I'm too miffed that my brightest female grad student is about to throw her career away on marriage and babies. But I guess I'll pick up coffee and drive out to the middle of nowhere with him so we can talk more privately about whatever he wants." Nerd: "So uh, this is all classified, so I'm going to need you to sign a nondisclosure agreement later (if I even remember to give it to you), but nevermind that. The Roswell UFO crash really happened, and we're going to go explore their giant mothership way the heck out in the asteroid belt." Superlinguist: "Huh. Interesting. I'm not at all astounded nor do I even think you've watched one too many X-Files. But anyway I'm not up for the job; like Ted Striker in Airplane!, I can't get over the last time people trusted me on a Doomed Voyage. Bye." Nerd: "D'oh. I just gave out classified information, AND my fellow nerds are gonna think I hit on her."

  • dgve - But I give it two stars because of the excellent customer service from RoC

    This made my face break out. But I give it two stars because of the excellent customer service from RoC. I phoned them to tell them the problem and they replaced the product with one that worked well on my skin type.

  • Dominick A Daidone - I like the shape of the mouse and its very light

    I like the shape of the mouse and its very light, the problem with this mouse is that the liftoff distance is very low. I tried this on a couple different mousepads, and use it primarily for FPS games. it seemed to be a bit better on slick surfaced mousepads, such as a hardpad or a razer speed series goliathus. On a Control Goliathus it was awful. The other problem i had is loose mouse buttons, and it just felt flimsy overall. I say loose buttons meaning that the right click could be gently pressed and it would feel not snug to the mouse as if there was play between the click and the button, but the left button was fine. I have tried out quite a few mice and this was my least favorite. I currently use a g303, and have used a razer deathadder (older was better than the new chroma, as i have used both). I have tried many mice, but this was inferior to all of those. Most likely going to try a zowie in the future here.

  • Btphan - Highly Recommended!

    I have used many different types of hand warmers before and I must say that this is the best, in terms of performance, hand warmer that I have ever used! I'll go ahead and just list pros and cons, since that is the clearest way for other buyers to decide whether or not this hand warmer is for them.