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  • tesla - Whats going to happen and why - but not much you can do about it now.

    If you have been following the analysis and commentary of Thom or say Robert Reich, you understand the increasing inequalities as based in the "welfare" and breaks extended to the super rich (royals) and large corporations. Thom Hartmann adds in the mix of global trends (Germany is finally going to win the "world war" via economics) and his summary of history is very well done. The political, policy, and social changes to change this... or actually reclaim it after the crash are likewise well presented (based on your political views of course). However I would point out that he offers no individual "crash preparation" for the average person - gold, cash, stockpile food, sell your home, etc.. other than to point out the "royals" are cutting their investments and hording pure cash to prepare themselves for what is about to happen. I am not sure what paper would be worth the greatest depression with confidence lost in government paper. However, its a good read.

  • Amazon Customer - 2014 - 2016 1500 Silverado WeatherTech front floor mats

    Fit the truck perfect but I wish that they said a set of mats for the front like they do the rear where a piece of the floor mat would cover the hump in the center to protect it from being dirty also seeing as there is not a four by four shifter on the floor. That's the only disappointment with the WeatherTech that's why I didn't order the rear set

  • MReader - Not a fan. Have used HR Block and Turbo ...

    Not a fan. Have used HR Block and Turbo Tax in the past. This does not compare to them. It is clunky and harder to use. It did not work to import previous years PDF files. Had to look for some items and am getting a unkown tax and on my form that I cannot find the source and did not come up in their check. I will not use again.

  • SheLa Weber - IT REALLY WORKS!!

    On my third bottle and on auto shipment so I don't run out! I saw a difference with just one bottle. My hair is coming back to it fullness. And my skin looks FABULOUS! Over all I believe it's bringing my hair back from a thyroid nightmare. I have a salon. And I've told all my clients about it. Hope they don't run out!! It's worth a try.

  • John S. Bell - Quarters Album

    It was what I was anticipating, and more! Thanks! The clear plastic windows, showing both sides of each quarter are great.