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  • h.baker - Not enough variety

    I can only in good conscience give this product 2 stars until they offer an option for heavy flow days. I mean, these are great for the last 2-3 days of writing, when the flow is pretty light. But for the first couple of days, when the words are just gushing out of me, these pens are just not enough.

  • S. Gonzalez - Simple and user-friendly study guide for the GRE

    I purchased both the Cracking the GRE, 2010 Edition and the Kaplan GRE Exam 2010: Strategies, Practice, and Review. I went through the Kaplan book first, because there are less pages in it than in Cracking the GRE. However, while going through the Kaplan book, I found that I was only being told what, for example, types of math problems might show up on the GRE, but there was no real review. Looking at the same section in Cracking the GRE, you'll find step by step breakdowns of problems as well as information and explanations about things like the area of the circle, factorials, etc, that are not in the Kaplan book. Overall, I would say that Cracking the GRE is so much more user-friendly than the Kaplan book and I recommend it over the Kaplan, if you are only planning to get one.

  • Lakerlefty - Fasted completely, except for 48 hour Miracle, and ...

    Fasted completely, except for 48 hour Miracle , and combined with 1 hour a day on the stationary bike, lost 8.8 pounds in 7 days. Must admit

  • Tiffany Topping - A great, travel-friendly pet carrier.

    We have two kitties who come on any trips with us that may last overnight. Up until now, we have had one pet carrier that is a pop-up canvas material, and another that is an older style plastic one. We have been wanting to upgrade to a bit of a nicer carrier for a long time, so I was excited when I saw this one.

  • Alexander T. Gaggs - The last light you'll ever buy

    I researched lights for about a month and a half prior to getting this one. My criteria was to find a light for use on my bike that I could easily remove and use as a flashlight. I also wanted it to be rechargeable, small, lightweight, and feature rich. I did order Tenergy brand 18650 (2) and a charger to keep me on the go. My first impression upon receiving the Fenix, was utter shock! It will light up a bedroom like it's daylight. On the road mounted to my bike I can see every little pothole, puddle, and crack. Just last week I used the strobe on a raccoon and the stupid animal went scampering off in a hurry. Probably the biggest bonus is how everyone wants to trade me something for it. People have even tried to steal it, but not on my watch! Fenix brand is not your typical Chinese "junk." It's high end gadgetry that impresses everyone. I'm very happy, you will be too. If you do get it, BUY RECHARGEABLE 18650s. THAT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

  • jeniah carrington - This stroller is nice. I really like it being that it is ...

    This stroller is nice. I really like it being that it is an upgrade from my last. The basket is smaller than most but it is deep enough to hold his baby bag blanket and javket. My son is 10 months now and he loves the handle bar. I ordered the tray connector just in case I'm taking the stroller for a stroll in the park. The handle bar adjusts to any comfortability and the stroller folds up nicely.