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  • dee lundgren - EAT DIRT

    My advice to anyone --eat dirt. This stuff is amazing, inexpensive, tasteless, and effective for multiple ailments. I began 3 weeks ago beginning with 1 teaspoon gradually increasing to one tablespoon. Great for ridding body of pathogens, improving skin, energy levels, and sleep. All benefits with no negative side effects. I've been focused on improving my health for 6 months spending lots of money on supplements. By far diatemacous earth has been the single product I recommend to family and friends. I've put some DE in sandwich baggies for friends to try. The 10 pound bag I ordered will last a lifetime so it's fun to share with others and experience their excitement

  • marissa card - I absolutely love how this has two ways to check the temperature

    I absolutely love how this has two ways to check the temperature. You can use the normal way witch is by checking by ear or you can add the attachment and check by moving it across your forehead . It works great and I love it that you for letting me review with a discount.

  • Alyssa A - Genius Product

    Like a lot of others I saw the viral video of a hair brush straightener going around and wanted it! I couldn't justify spending that much money on it so I looked for another reasonable alternative and found this. And all I have to say is: WOW! It does a great job at quickly straightening the hair. The problem I had with flat irons was that pressing the hair between two hot plates seemed dangerous for the hair and would make my hair as straight as a board. Other people look great with that look, but me not so much. This makes the hair look like your hair is naturally straight. I've seen others say the button placement is in a bad spot because they keep hitting it, but I have found no such problem at all. I would have to actively try to hit it!


    Jesus Christ Superstar was Andrew Lloyd Webber's first big success and the second musical he did with, in my opinion, his best lyricist, Tim Rice. The show evoked much controversy when it first appeared in 1970, since the story of the Christ's final days is mainly told from the Judas' point of view and not always according to the Gospels. Hence Mary Magdalene mentions that she is in love with Jesus and after the last supper the Apostles are a bit drunk.

  • Hawkeye249 - Protects up to 5 devices

    Although the protection for tablets is limited, I am very happy that I can buy one product that can be installed on up to 5 devices.