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  • AngularJazz - The wind beneath my WINGS

    I was lucky enough to see John perform a couple days before the album came out - so I got a signed copy of course. What's incredible about this album is John's ability to put a unique twist on Sir Paul's songs without deviating too much from the original tunes. I appreciate that John chose songs from many different parts of Paul's solo career, post-Beatles. Of course it would have been cool if a Beatles song appeared but I'm guessing they couldn't secure all the rights - not to worry - Paul McCartney has a litany of amazing solo material to choose from. "Warm & Beautiful" is probably my favorite track at the moment but I'm also really digging "Silly Love Songs" and "Junk" which doesn't immediately jump out as a song that Paul is known for. Whether or not you get this album, you most definitely should NOT miss John in concert if he's rolling through your town. The show is just fantastic and has a lot of material from John's impressive career. Grab this album if you're even remotely interested in hearing Paul McCartney being channeled by one of today's most successful Great American Songbook artists.

  • R. Lynch - Acronis Is An Excellent Software Product

    I have had two hard drive crashes! Once was one, too many! If you have ever had a hard disk crash, then spent hours, reinstalling Windows, finding your old program disks and reinstalling them, and installing your last data files backup, then you will understand why I believe cloning your hard disk is a better way to go. I have used Acronis True Image software for a number of years to clone my computer's hard drive. It is easy to use and does the job, without any issues or surprises. Instead of backing up my hard drive, I clone the installed drive to one of two identical hard drives. As an extra precaution, I also alternate the cloned drives between the cloning operations. The cloning operation makes an exact copy of my hard drive. Now, after a hard drive crash, all I have to do is swap the installed drive with the most recent cloned drive and load any data or files that have changed, since the last cloning operation. I am immediately back in business! I use the recommended Acronis settings and when asked, I confirm the already listed source and target drives. Once the program starts the cloning operation, operator intervention is not required. I start the cloning operation at the end of the day and the job is finished the next morning. As an option, the program will automatically turn off your computer, when the cloning operation is finished. I highly recommend using Acronis True Image! It is a well engineered and designed program. And best of all, it works and is well worth the investment!

  • Daphne - which good solutions should take

    I have tried every other over the counter solution: fungi nail, fungi cure, fungi this, fungi that, and nothing worked. This product works. Although it takes a long time, which good solutions should take, my toenails are beginning to look much better. I will continue to use this product until my nails look normal again.

  • mama reads - Fleas gone within days, ticks gone shortly thereafter, let's see how long it lasts

    I don't know how long this product will last--the label claims six months. We rescued a stray who brought ticks to our home along with plenty of fleas to join those our other dogs already had. Within a day the fleas were gone, not just off the dogs, but nowhere to be seen. No fleas on our ankles. About a week or so later we stopped seeing ticks. In Florida we have fleas all year and none of the standard products work anymore. When the adopted stray brought on an infestation we were relieved to discover these collars. Before that our two dogs always had a couple of fleas, but now we don't find any on them. None of the three dogs (American Bulldog, Boerboel and mutt) had any health problems or irritation in response to the product. They seemed relieved to stop itching.