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  • Lori C. - Great Case for Carrying Pets

    We have four indoor cats and two are new Siamese kittens. I was looking for a convenient carrier that would be easy to store in the house somewhere. My other carriers are big and bulky and I have to keep them in my garage. This one is great! I can fit both the kittens in it for their trips to the vet and it is sturdy yet light. The bigger cats can fit, but only one at a time. The case has a nice washable pad for the animals to sleep and sit on. The top and bottom are tough and hard and can zip and unzip to the middle portion pretty easily. Once zipped together the carrier is ready to take anywhere. After use, it is quite easy to unzip the middle from the top and bottom and the pad and center portion can be stored inside. The top and bottom can then be zipped together for a much thinner version that can be stored on a shelf or under a bed or couch. I love it! It is convenient, light, and very durable.

  • Nicholas - Meh.... Samsung has done better and should have done with this one.

    The 2016 Samsung's LEDs seem to have taken a dramatic leap backwards in quality this year, compared to last years models I just don't think they aren't that great.

  • Roxanne Sadowitz - Totally satisfied.

    It was just what I wanted. Sound is superb. It's also easy to operate. The price was right, too. Delivered in great shape and on a timely basis.

  • Wind - Worked four out of four times!!

    Works every time. Great product. I've used it twice and recommended to two other people. They both passed and I passed both times. We all got great paying jobs. We even quit smoking after getting this chance at more money. It works even when you smoked the night before.